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Is you or ain't you

I've been a little ill lately, but today I felt better than yesterday so i went out for lunch. After a brief burrito, my tummy still isn't quite all there yet, I decided to investigate Target. Their latest advertising campaign has been for a line of organic cotton shirts, and I could use one of those. I'd recently come across some rather startling information on how Cotton is not really the fabric of our lives as cotton growth and processing involves an incredible amount of pesticides, and resultant air/water pollution. But you can look that up yourself.

Anywho. I'm pulling into Target, telling myself "just park in the first spot you see" while blatantly ignoring the available ones that are "just too far out", when I see one. As I pull in, I realize the reason this spot is available. Some peoples have left 2 shopping carts smack in the middle of the spot. It only takes me a few seconds to make the decision; the parking lot isn't busy and I'm out of my car. I'm going to take these carts off where they belong, which isn't right about where I'm going to park.

As I start trundling the carts off, leaving my car in the lane, a man speaks up. He and his buddy were getting in the adjacent car. "Man, can you believe how lazy some people are?"

to which I respond, "Its a really nice day. People could take the extra minute to put these back." at which point his buddy takes the carts and says "I'll wheel these in" and his friend says "I'll pick you up at the curb."

Now I walk in and I pass up the buddy and tell him "nice job" but he's not looking particularly happy about his good deed, at which point I realize (probably a little slower than most of you) that it was these guys who had left at least one of these carts in my spot in the first place. hah!

funny stuff, so I go inside and inspect Target's organic line which is ok - but not anything I'm interested in buying. and that was my outing of the day.


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