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June 1, 2008

elite XC suuucks!

wow - call me underwhelmed.

I just watched CBS' lame-o MMA 'production'. It should've been really cool, because there isn't much that is more awesome than watching two guys slug it out with some decent jiu-jitsu and ground 'n pound. Yes, I am a fan (I love you GSP!) and don't mind saying that you could all stand to take a moment and watch some UFC (or WEC for that matter).

And at the miserable rate that CBS is going, UFC is where you should be. Because unless CBS and Elite XC gets better ring side commentators "ooh look at that. he missed that punch!" (tell me something I can't see for myself, thanks), better referees (because Thompson and the fans were ROBBED of a decent ending to the 'main event' fight), and what the hell was up with those dancing cheerleaders, on-screen advertising to download music, and distributing pro-Kimbo signs to the crowd???!!

and the fight card, what was up with the card? Did we really need to be spoon fed some obvious "wins"? Wow, sure was exciting to see those fights END IN THE FIRST MINUTE!

Thanks but no thanks CBS. Right now, I'm with Dana White.

(and in case that wasn't clear enough, it means I'll be watching my MMA on Spike, Versus, and whatever other cable channel that shows decent fighters, good refs, and a minimum of bullshit)

June 3, 2008

somebody else's story

I was browsing through the internets today and came across this short video clip about a couple who spent a day together. Inspired by a story of a celibate buddhist couple living in the arizona desert together for 10 years (in a yurt), never going further than 15 feet apart, this married couple thought they'd try it for a day.

I wasn't going to watch the whole thing because really, what is a day? A day is like the first blush of a flower where everything is beautiful because its novel. But I did watch the whole thing because its edited well, and the couple is funny. So here is my recommended video for the day.

June 5, 2008


looking for a job is kind of strange. When i was employed, it was with this sense that these people were lucky to have me there. and sure, there was some ego, but it was also true. I was good at my job and i was polite about it, mostly. And I'm not sure what more it takes to get into a top 5% of excellence when you work in a company that's mostly comprised of shit. which i guess would sum up how I felt about my previous job and the reasons I left.

hm. so now I'm looking for a job. I didn't really think I needed one and in some ways I still don't think I do. but learning the discipline of those who don't have jobs is in some ways, harder than the meditation retreat was. There, I had to discipline my mind to remain focused. Now, I have to discipline myself to stay productive. Which is hard, when no one is telling you what to do. So, I give. I'll get a job so someone else can tell me what to do.

so I'm about to go crash a job fair. I'll bathe, and get dressed up fancy. I'll even get a nice-ish looking portfolio to carry my resume in. I won't wear crazy shoes... just something boringly professional that covers the green polish on my toes. And i'll go in and try to convince someone that I'm what they want.

June 6, 2008

speaking of technology

some of you may recall a previous post that briefly referred to the fact that the cotton industry is one of the world leaders in chemical pollutants and that we all might wish to consider alternatives. well, today I attempted to put my money where my blog was and tried to find an eco-friendly brassiere.

As some of you may or may not know, those things tend to wear out after awhile and since I buy in bulk, I'm about to replace several of these in the next month or so. So with good intentions, I turned to the internet; I pulled up Google. and as my fingers hit the keyboard, I paused.

What was I going to type? "environmentally friendly bra"... very dorky sounding. how about "eco-bra".. no, way too cool to be possible.. ok then, how about.. "green bra".. cause that's what I would call it if I was selling them. Ha! Ha! ..

no... that was just.. wrong. yes mom, you no doubt predicted this one. I got all kinds of strange and varied results, but none of them was what I was looking for. So I decided to go back to "environmentally friendly bra". and what did I find?

our friend, bamboo. Evidently, you can get a whole lot of stuff made out of bamboo these days. but I wasn't about to pay $65 for our eco-trendy friend so I kept on searching. and eventually, I wound up looking at organic cotton. Great! Greatness! but as I settled in, I noticed something odd about the market. Most of these organic cotton wonders were directed to one of two groups: Nursing Mothers (and no, I don't want to know why thank you) or natural women with, how do you say... perky builds?.. uhmm athletic tops... urrrm... boyish figures? whatever, either way, these weren't for me. I'm not a wet nurse and I don't want hippie boobs. but there was one small ray of light. I found my search term: organic bra

And finally, I was able to find something a little more reasonable. At $35, gaiam.com will sell me something in my size. yay, me.

June 10, 2008

green acres

our AC is on the fritz right now, so I am blogging old-school style = in the dark with a box fan aimed at me. Its hit 84 degrees in the apartment right now and the weather channel isn't giving me any love notes about the rest of the day.

I've always found the concept of condo ownership to be a little odd. If the building burnt down, would I then own a space in the air? there's no land involved, just a space. And for most of us, its a space with really really close neighbors. Somehow, the loml has managed to make friends with almost all the people in our small building; a feat that has defied me. Now, I could just be a cranky and private person, but I prefer to think its more like "When Harry met Sally". Instead of it being impossible for men and women to be friends, I postulate that its impossible for people who share common walls to be friends.

For example: Our downstairs neighbors have had their ceiling flood through in small spots three times (and twice it was our fault). They have two large dogs that never shut up and twice this week have inadvertently lit their barbecue smoker directly underneath the HVAC intakes for every condo above them. Now, I did go over and politely ask if they could move their smoker and they were real sorry about it all. Just like we were real sorry when we made water soak through their ceiling.

Can you imagine us all sitting down for a friendly social?


June 12, 2008

food review a.k.a I am so couth

For today's entry, i will be reviewing a food product new to my home. May I present, from Morningstar Farms, the teriyaki ginger veggie cake!

I can only imagine, given the stunned silence, that no one know what the hell this thing is. Right, I am right there with you. What is this 'cake' and why would I want to eat it. Well, this 'cake' is basically an inch thick patty made of rice and vegetables. And as to why I would want to eat it? I really don't know. I am not a big fan of coupon shopping but we were at the grocery last night with a bunch of Morningstar Farms coupons. Now I love this company. I love their veggie burgers, fake chick'n tenders, and amazing buffalo wings. but when we looked at the coupons, they were for their new "veggie cakes".. so we bought them.

Now today, lunch has come along, and I figure I should eat something. So there we have it: teriyaki ginger veggie cakes. But to be honest, they don't taste very ginger-y or very teriyaki-y. They do taste like a rice cake with veggies lumped in it. hmm.. so ok.. I put ketchup on them. because I'm american, and this is what we do, right? or is it Ranch dressing? i can't recall..

anyway, i put ketchup on them.. and they still taste.. ok.. so I dump some teriyaki and ginger sauce on them, which is so wrong.. way too much. I have now overloaded on the ginger/teriyaki. argh so I go back with some ketchup and now everything is all mixed up and its back to 'ok'.

So there you have it folks. Final Verdict = sorta ok.

Happy 200th Entry

Since beginning this particular blog on January 27th, 2007, it appears that I am now upon my 200th entry. So in honor of the event, I present to you:

17 of MY Favourite Movies!

Inspired by this guy (Jose) and his very funny videos (ymmv), I thought I'd take a moment to compile a list of my favourite movies, in no particular order, as I can recall them.

  • Dangerous Liasons : I had an ex who disliked this movie because its about people using each other. Oddly enough, that's exactly what I like about it.
  • Under the Tuscan Sun : I swear I cry at least four times through this movie, which I always watch at least twice in a sitting.
  • Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back : But not Return of the Jedi. too many ewoks.
  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape : This is a good movie, but I can't quantify why I love it so much. Maybe its the sex... or the lies... no wait.. yeah.. its James Spader.
  • The DaVinci Code and Last of the Mohiccans : OK, I liked these movies, but the soundtracks are the reason they are on the list. I love these soundtracks so much, that if the movie is on tv, I will immediately stop channel-surfing and watch the entire movie. really. I've seen them both like a million times because of this.
  • Amelie : Don't we all love weird french people?
  • The Royal Tannenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited : Wes Anderson has taught me the meaning of 'auteur' and someday, someday when airlines stop dicking up over, I will get to India and ride a train.
  • A Room with a View : I loved this enough to buy and read the book by E.M. Forster.
  • Dune : David Lynch controls the Universe!
  • Heathers : Cause once upon a time, Christian Slater was too cool. Too cool for what? you may ask. No, just watch the movie.
  • Pride & Prejudice : I've seen almost every version out there.
  • Twelfth Night : Shakespeare especially rocks in this one and there are cross-dressers. 'nuff said.
  • Zoolander :OMG! this is the best, The BEST! hands down, funniest movie in that whole genre of comedies. and yes, I did see 'Blades of Glory'.
  • 2001: A Space Oddyssey : The amazingness of this movie can not be described. I would not a worthy geek if I failed to mention this movie.
  • Apocolypse Now : I don't like movies about war because they usually tell a story I've seen a before. Lucky for me, this movie isn't about war.

    And for those of you who have made it this far. A bonus movie listing.

  • Dude, Where's My Car : Sadly, its this movie that I will think of when I try to remember what I was doing with my life at this time. oh, so sad.

June 13, 2008

organic follow up

now some of you may recall an earlier posting on my attempts to buy an environmentally friendly brassier. I ended that posting with a mildly positive comment about how I found something that I might actually purchase. Well, guess what? I didn't buy that bra. Mainly because I distrusted the design of it. I'm not getting into more detail than that.

Today, I decided that I deserved new underwear. The loml commented that I seemed to have an abundance of stuff in the 'ugly' category and I agree. So I went looking for organic bottoms. and you know what? They all sucked! Again, the primary market for organic intimates appears to be the "mommy" crowd who evidently doesn't give a shit if their underwear is ugly.

argghhhh.... this is the cutest thing I found, and I refuse to wear it. Because my days of wearing underoos are OVER!

I'm off to visit the GAP or something.

June 15, 2008

an unpopular opinion

Well, some one has to say it.

Speed Racer was a good movie.

Yes, yes it was. I saw it yesterday at a second run theatre for $4, and I think that its a classic example of people's expectations queering the pitch. The movie was funny, exciting, well-paced, and had great acting (with the exception of Christina Ricci).

The Wachowski brothers did a great job providing a framework for viewers to suspend their belief from, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. and to note, I hated the cartoon.

the reviewers were right about one thing though. The changing color schemes are a bit psychedelic.

June 17, 2008

somebody tell a joke

Dear Readers,

You may not be aware of this, but you are a confused bunch. Evidently, you have problems remembering my domain name correctly. So if I want to be number 1 in my namespace, I better act now.

as per the following e-mail:

Subject: daisypit.com for the owner of daisypit.net
From: "Dan <name withheld>" <address redacted>
Date: Tue, June 17, 2008 9:37 am
To: <my e-mail redacted>
Priority: Normal
Options: View Full Header | View Printable Version


Lately, we obtained daisypit.com for our development plans. But, as you are the
owner of .net, we first decided to let you know of an opportunity to acquire this
valuable .COM.

<Company name redacted> is an engine specialized in search of domain names related to our customers' business. We assist our clients to be professionally promoted on the Internet by other measures too (Search Engine Optimization, etc.)

There are several reasons why you should own a .com version of your domain and among them the following:

- The people who want to visit your site but don't remember it's proper extension
exactly, will seek you at daisypit.com because .com is most popular and widely used,
so they will intuitively assume this is where they can find you.

- .com indicates reliability and professionalism.

- By owning the .com, you will ensure that this is you who's the #1 in your own name
space and not someone else.

If you have any interest in securing this domain, please act quickly, as we may soon
start working with it or release it to public auction where the acquisition cost
will be higher than now.

Secure daisypit.com now!

Best regards,

Daniel <last name withheld>
<Company name redacted>


hoo-boy, I better secure something before my valuable .com gets auctioned away to a bank account in Nigeria to help a kid with cancer.

June 18, 2008

content questions

ok - so maybe it wasn't fair of me to make you all read my junk mail for yesterday's post. But i thought it was funny, so there.

Today, I'd like to take a small moment to congratulate George Takei, otherwise known as our favourite Mr. Sulu. He and his partner recently got a marriage license. Yay, Mr. Sulu!

And just in case you haven't seen it already, this is a hilarious video George Takei made some time ago in response to some comments by NBA player Tim Hardaway. Its so funny, its worth seeing again.

which side is my toast buttered on?

I have to admit, being unemployed has been a series of unexpected hurdles. When I first volunteered for a lay-off package, I thought I had it all figured out. I had money, thereby avoiding the biggest hassle of being unemployed. And maybe not having money is the worst thing, I wouldn't know because I ran into all the other things too.

My plan was to avoid going crazy. And I did that by carefully scheduling my days and planning out activities that I wanted to do. This almost worked out. The house has been rather cleanish, the laundry is almost always done, and the dishes get washed all the time. I took up jogging and I'm the in the best shape of the last 4 years. I was also able to start a serious interest in meditating and I'm really enjoying going to the local library.

On the down side, rising gas and airline prices really put a crimp in the traveling I wanted to do. I fell down on scheduling activities and I underestimated how important it is to leave the house. I started getting so desperate to get out of the house that I stopped grocery shopping and meal planning. I would just decide what I wanted to cook for the one meal and then go to the store each time for the individual ingredients I needed. I didn't think this was too bad since I had ALL THIS TIME, but it took a toll on the loml when there wasn't ever anything ready to eat in the house. (I must make a small note here. I have to thank the loml for being wonderful in my unemployment and never once waking me up early in some kind of resentful retribution).

and now, I have to get a job again. Its a lot of work. On one hand, I have the time to do this, but seriously. this is some stress.

June 24, 2008

a note

well, I'm afraid I've been a bit busy lately with the job hunt and sundry activities. I don't feel much like discussing the job-ishness, so let's talk about the sundry.

I read two really great books this week:
1) A Canticle for Leibowitz - This originated as a set of short stories by Walter Miller Jr. and he later refined it into a novel. Its a sci-fi classic that I found refreshing given our current political situation. and if I also have a small morbid fascination with post-apocalyptic stories, then don't mind me. If you haven't read it before, go read it now.

2) Fit For Real People - I own a sewing machine and you may recall that I pledged not to buy anything this year, unless I tried to make it first. Well, I tried dammit. So reading this amazing book has been like a revelation from heaven. If you are remotely interested in having your clothes fit you, and don't mind doing it yourself, read this book. I picked up my copy from the local library.

Now, aside from the books, I'm afraid I've been playing some D&D lately. Yes, I know... that's pretty old-school. I don't play WoW for two reasons: I don't like strangers and I want to preserve my marriage. So there. All you WoW Widows out there have my condolences.

June 26, 2008


people are strange.

so I finally got my ass off the unemployment-vacation couch and looked for a job. I went through several interviews (panels, phone screenings, odd tests) which I must thank my friends, loml, and monster.com for. I now understand the meaning of networking.

and now I find myself in the middle of three rather competitive job offers, and I feel like a girl with too many prom dates. Sure, this guy's a little taller, but that one is much funnier. What to do? Well i guess that depends on who you ask, but thought I would stick with an oldie but goodie "Don't accept the first offer you get".

So I picked the guy I liked most (he's a bit geeky, but what can I say?) and made a counter-offer. And now I'm waiting. It took me several years to understand real dating, and I still don't understand corporate dating. I can't be that great at it because I'm hanging out by the phone now, waiting... writing this blog entry, and waiting. According to that book "The Rules", I am now the dating loser.

oh well, we'll see how it goes. Cause now, its me, mister amstel light, and mister macbook... waiting...

June 28, 2008

when the wave isn't enough

right now I'm privileged enough to be waching the most sucktastic of sports.. no, it isn't bowling.. try again. that's right. I'm watching major league baseball. it's the Nationals playing (ironically, the same team that I swore to never watch again because they suck so much) but we're in a new stadium. Which is really really nice by the way. the concessions are laid out well and the seats are almost comfortable. not to mention, they even have escalators outdoors! though with all the advertising I've been hit with, they must still be paying off the stadium. the field is ringed with state of the art electronic display boards that are constantly swapping ads out or telling me the location of each concession. want a chilli bowl? section 110.

so the most amusing thing about today is the other team - the orioles, who I don't watch anymore cause they're always losing. yeah, they are...

so now I'm on the horns of a dillema. who should I root for? well.. according to the guys behind us, anyone with a batting average of less than .300 sucks! wow, the nationals really do suck! looks like I'm an orioles fan today.

and just to clarify, I have actually attended baseball games that I enjoyed. the texas rangers were ok and you could get Shiner at the stadium. what more can you ask for? sadly, its been a bit too steamy today to enjoy a stadium beer (i may actually pass out - what with all the excitement of mlb....) but cheer up, the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms. the day may get better!

---------4th inning update-----------------

well so far, I haven't seen a single player with an average even close to .250 much less .300 so maybe the guys behind me were joking around. but what I have seen has been amazingly funny. evidently, the nationals ( no doubt named by the same geniuses who named the capitols ) have a mascot, maybe three. we just watched some dude in a giant teddy roosevelt outfit race a dude in an oriole outfit. Teddy won but my mother-in-law speculates the race was fixed. I agree with her. after all, Teddy Roosevelt is dead and the oriole is a bird. I think we all know what's going on.

--------------5th inning update---------------------

according to the loml, there is no mercy rule in mlb. so even though it looks like the nats are getting pwned, they're gonna have to keep slugging it out (or not, as the case may be). on the lighter side, i'm seeing some lighting on the other side of the stadium.

-------------final update----------
well, the game was delayed due to a severe thunderstorm and we got rained on. Due to the lightening, we had to wait it out for a bit before leaving. So here are some final conclusions:

1) the mascot of the nationals is screech the owl. again, what idiot panel comes up with this stuff? and didn't anyone else think it was disrespectful to get people to dress up as dead presidents for the in-game entertainment?

2) the nationals suck and got their asses handed to them by the orioles (of all people). 9 to 1.

3) I swear (again) if I ever go to another MLB game, it'll be too soon.

June 30, 2008

the dream is over

I suppose this entry has finally revealed me. I am that louse of a person who can't be bothered to actually call people to tell them personal news.

mom, dad, friends, and casual bystanders - i seem to have found gainful employment, as of July 7th.

i know this is a good thing. I only had 2 months of voluntary severance package left anyway. and what was I going to do with that time? I have a few theories.

1) lose time. before, i had noticed myself slipping dates. every day was practically the same. What did it matter if I lost a wednesday, or a saturday? it was ok, until i realized that I had lost a whole month. dang..

2) lose weight. I had finally trained myself to eat less, which is pretty easy when you have no real ambitions. thank goodness i have a job now, or I might have dropped down to kate moss-ness.

3) lose my mind. yep... i have lapped the internet several times now. flash games, news sites, blogs.. beat some games on the wii.. re-arranged house furniture.

ok - i guess my time is up.

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