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a note

well, I'm afraid I've been a bit busy lately with the job hunt and sundry activities. I don't feel much like discussing the job-ishness, so let's talk about the sundry.

I read two really great books this week:
1) A Canticle for Leibowitz - This originated as a set of short stories by Walter Miller Jr. and he later refined it into a novel. Its a sci-fi classic that I found refreshing given our current political situation. and if I also have a small morbid fascination with post-apocalyptic stories, then don't mind me. If you haven't read it before, go read it now.

2) Fit For Real People - I own a sewing machine and you may recall that I pledged not to buy anything this year, unless I tried to make it first. Well, I tried dammit. So reading this amazing book has been like a revelation from heaven. If you are remotely interested in having your clothes fit you, and don't mind doing it yourself, read this book. I picked up my copy from the local library.

Now, aside from the books, I'm afraid I've been playing some D&D lately. Yes, I know... that's pretty old-school. I don't play WoW for two reasons: I don't like strangers and I want to preserve my marriage. So there. All you WoW Widows out there have my condolences.


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