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elite XC suuucks!

wow - call me underwhelmed.

I just watched CBS' lame-o MMA 'production'. It should've been really cool, because there isn't much that is more awesome than watching two guys slug it out with some decent jiu-jitsu and ground 'n pound. Yes, I am a fan (I love you GSP!) and don't mind saying that you could all stand to take a moment and watch some UFC (or WEC for that matter).

And at the miserable rate that CBS is going, UFC is where you should be. Because unless CBS and Elite XC gets better ring side commentators "ooh look at that. he missed that punch!" (tell me something I can't see for myself, thanks), better referees (because Thompson and the fans were ROBBED of a decent ending to the 'main event' fight), and what the hell was up with those dancing cheerleaders, on-screen advertising to download music, and distributing pro-Kimbo signs to the crowd???!!

and the fight card, what was up with the card? Did we really need to be spoon fed some obvious "wins"? Wow, sure was exciting to see those fights END IN THE FIRST MINUTE!

Thanks but no thanks CBS. Right now, I'm with Dana White.

(and in case that wasn't clear enough, it means I'll be watching my MMA on Spike, Versus, and whatever other cable channel that shows decent fighters, good refs, and a minimum of bullshit)


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