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looking for a job is kind of strange. When i was employed, it was with this sense that these people were lucky to have me there. and sure, there was some ego, but it was also true. I was good at my job and i was polite about it, mostly. And I'm not sure what more it takes to get into a top 5% of excellence when you work in a company that's mostly comprised of shit. which i guess would sum up how I felt about my previous job and the reasons I left.

hm. so now I'm looking for a job. I didn't really think I needed one and in some ways I still don't think I do. but learning the discipline of those who don't have jobs is in some ways, harder than the meditation retreat was. There, I had to discipline my mind to remain focused. Now, I have to discipline myself to stay productive. Which is hard, when no one is telling you what to do. So, I give. I'll get a job so someone else can tell me what to do.

so I'm about to go crash a job fair. I'll bathe, and get dressed up fancy. I'll even get a nice-ish looking portfolio to carry my resume in. I won't wear crazy shoes... just something boringly professional that covers the green polish on my toes. And i'll go in and try to convince someone that I'm what they want.


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