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food review a.k.a I am so couth

For today's entry, i will be reviewing a food product new to my home. May I present, from Morningstar Farms, the teriyaki ginger veggie cake!

I can only imagine, given the stunned silence, that no one know what the hell this thing is. Right, I am right there with you. What is this 'cake' and why would I want to eat it. Well, this 'cake' is basically an inch thick patty made of rice and vegetables. And as to why I would want to eat it? I really don't know. I am not a big fan of coupon shopping but we were at the grocery last night with a bunch of Morningstar Farms coupons. Now I love this company. I love their veggie burgers, fake chick'n tenders, and amazing buffalo wings. but when we looked at the coupons, they were for their new "veggie cakes".. so we bought them.

Now today, lunch has come along, and I figure I should eat something. So there we have it: teriyaki ginger veggie cakes. But to be honest, they don't taste very ginger-y or very teriyaki-y. They do taste like a rice cake with veggies lumped in it. hmm.. so ok.. I put ketchup on them. because I'm american, and this is what we do, right? or is it Ranch dressing? i can't recall..

anyway, i put ketchup on them.. and they still taste.. ok.. so I dump some teriyaki and ginger sauce on them, which is so wrong.. way too much. I have now overloaded on the ginger/teriyaki. argh so I go back with some ketchup and now everything is all mixed up and its back to 'ok'.

So there you have it folks. Final Verdict = sorta ok.


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