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green acres

our AC is on the fritz right now, so I am blogging old-school style = in the dark with a box fan aimed at me. Its hit 84 degrees in the apartment right now and the weather channel isn't giving me any love notes about the rest of the day.

I've always found the concept of condo ownership to be a little odd. If the building burnt down, would I then own a space in the air? there's no land involved, just a space. And for most of us, its a space with really really close neighbors. Somehow, the loml has managed to make friends with almost all the people in our small building; a feat that has defied me. Now, I could just be a cranky and private person, but I prefer to think its more like "When Harry met Sally". Instead of it being impossible for men and women to be friends, I postulate that its impossible for people who share common walls to be friends.

For example: Our downstairs neighbors have had their ceiling flood through in small spots three times (and twice it was our fault). They have two large dogs that never shut up and twice this week have inadvertently lit their barbecue smoker directly underneath the HVAC intakes for every condo above them. Now, I did go over and politely ask if they could move their smoker and they were real sorry about it all. Just like we were real sorry when we made water soak through their ceiling.

Can you imagine us all sitting down for a friendly social?



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