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somebody tell a joke

Dear Readers,

You may not be aware of this, but you are a confused bunch. Evidently, you have problems remembering my domain name correctly. So if I want to be number 1 in my namespace, I better act now.

as per the following e-mail:

Subject: daisypit.com for the owner of daisypit.net
From: "Dan <name withheld>" <address redacted>
Date: Tue, June 17, 2008 9:37 am
To: <my e-mail redacted>
Priority: Normal
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Lately, we obtained daisypit.com for our development plans. But, as you are the
owner of .net, we first decided to let you know of an opportunity to acquire this
valuable .COM.

<Company name redacted> is an engine specialized in search of domain names related to our customers' business. We assist our clients to be professionally promoted on the Internet by other measures too (Search Engine Optimization, etc.)

There are several reasons why you should own a .com version of your domain and among them the following:

- The people who want to visit your site but don't remember it's proper extension
exactly, will seek you at daisypit.com because .com is most popular and widely used,
so they will intuitively assume this is where they can find you.

- .com indicates reliability and professionalism.

- By owning the .com, you will ensure that this is you who's the #1 in your own name
space and not someone else.

If you have any interest in securing this domain, please act quickly, as we may soon
start working with it or release it to public auction where the acquisition cost
will be higher than now.

Secure daisypit.com now!

Best regards,

Daniel <last name withheld>
<Company name redacted>


hoo-boy, I better secure something before my valuable .com gets auctioned away to a bank account in Nigeria to help a kid with cancer.


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