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speaking of technology

some of you may recall a previous post that briefly referred to the fact that the cotton industry is one of the world leaders in chemical pollutants and that we all might wish to consider alternatives. well, today I attempted to put my money where my blog was and tried to find an eco-friendly brassiere.

As some of you may or may not know, those things tend to wear out after awhile and since I buy in bulk, I'm about to replace several of these in the next month or so. So with good intentions, I turned to the internet; I pulled up Google. and as my fingers hit the keyboard, I paused.

What was I going to type? "environmentally friendly bra"... very dorky sounding. how about "eco-bra".. no, way too cool to be possible.. ok then, how about.. "green bra".. cause that's what I would call it if I was selling them. Ha! Ha! ..

no... that was just.. wrong. yes mom, you no doubt predicted this one. I got all kinds of strange and varied results, but none of them was what I was looking for. So I decided to go back to "environmentally friendly bra". and what did I find?

our friend, bamboo. Evidently, you can get a whole lot of stuff made out of bamboo these days. but I wasn't about to pay $65 for our eco-trendy friend so I kept on searching. and eventually, I wound up looking at organic cotton. Great! Greatness! but as I settled in, I noticed something odd about the market. Most of these organic cotton wonders were directed to one of two groups: Nursing Mothers (and no, I don't want to know why thank you) or natural women with, how do you say... perky builds?.. uhmm athletic tops... urrrm... boyish figures? whatever, either way, these weren't for me. I'm not a wet nurse and I don't want hippie boobs. but there was one small ray of light. I found my search term: organic bra

And finally, I was able to find something a little more reasonable. At $35, gaiam.com will sell me something in my size. yay, me.


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