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when the wave isn't enough

right now I'm privileged enough to be waching the most sucktastic of sports.. no, it isn't bowling.. try again. that's right. I'm watching major league baseball. it's the Nationals playing (ironically, the same team that I swore to never watch again because they suck so much) but we're in a new stadium. Which is really really nice by the way. the concessions are laid out well and the seats are almost comfortable. not to mention, they even have escalators outdoors! though with all the advertising I've been hit with, they must still be paying off the stadium. the field is ringed with state of the art electronic display boards that are constantly swapping ads out or telling me the location of each concession. want a chilli bowl? section 110.

so the most amusing thing about today is the other team - the orioles, who I don't watch anymore cause they're always losing. yeah, they are...

so now I'm on the horns of a dillema. who should I root for? well.. according to the guys behind us, anyone with a batting average of less than .300 sucks! wow, the nationals really do suck! looks like I'm an orioles fan today.

and just to clarify, I have actually attended baseball games that I enjoyed. the texas rangers were ok and you could get Shiner at the stadium. what more can you ask for? sadly, its been a bit too steamy today to enjoy a stadium beer (i may actually pass out - what with all the excitement of mlb....) but cheer up, the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms. the day may get better!

---------4th inning update-----------------

well so far, I haven't seen a single player with an average even close to .250 much less .300 so maybe the guys behind me were joking around. but what I have seen has been amazingly funny. evidently, the nationals ( no doubt named by the same geniuses who named the capitols ) have a mascot, maybe three. we just watched some dude in a giant teddy roosevelt outfit race a dude in an oriole outfit. Teddy won but my mother-in-law speculates the race was fixed. I agree with her. after all, Teddy Roosevelt is dead and the oriole is a bird. I think we all know what's going on.

--------------5th inning update---------------------

according to the loml, there is no mercy rule in mlb. so even though it looks like the nats are getting pwned, they're gonna have to keep slugging it out (or not, as the case may be). on the lighter side, i'm seeing some lighting on the other side of the stadium.

-------------final update----------
well, the game was delayed due to a severe thunderstorm and we got rained on. Due to the lightening, we had to wait it out for a bit before leaving. So here are some final conclusions:

1) the mascot of the nationals is screech the owl. again, what idiot panel comes up with this stuff? and didn't anyone else think it was disrespectful to get people to dress up as dead presidents for the in-game entertainment?

2) the nationals suck and got their asses handed to them by the orioles (of all people). 9 to 1.

3) I swear (again) if I ever go to another MLB game, it'll be too soon.


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