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Dear Mom and Dad,

I must apologize. This Saturday, I jumped out of an airplane and didn't let you know beforehand. What I mean to say is, I went skydiving and listed you as the emergency contact. but, it was fun and I'm still alive!

my bad,

your #1 child


ok, so I've never actually wanted to go skydiving but the opportunity arose so the loml and I decided to jump on a bandwagon and go. Since it was my first jump, I had to go tandem. Which is fine by me. The way I see it, the instructor doesn't want to die either and since he has more experience, I should let him take care of that objective.

So after several hours of waiting for a plane (the skydiving place was packed!) we got to put on our harnesses while receiving some instructions (don't put your hands in the instructors face while diving) and meet our partners. Then we loaded into the plane (an Otter).

I was the first one in, so i got to ride next to the pilot during the ascent. We went above the horizon and I chatted a little with the pilot (he finds this kind of thing very boring). Then we (there were about 20 of us) hit altitude and we had to get harnessed to our partners/instructors like the meat packets that we were.

Since I was the first one in, I was also the last one out. We spent a long (30 seconds?) time just crouched by the door. It was almost scary. I'd spend 5 seconds staring out and thinking, "Am i scared? no... maybe.. no". and then repeat. After awhile, the pilot got tired of us hanging out in the door and tipped the plane sideways, so.. we jumped.

Free fall was not cool. it was noisy as all hell, like someone was next to my ears going "fwapfwapfwapfwapfwapfwap". but we did that for a bit while I looked at the horizon, which was kind of smudgy. after what felt like an incredibly long time of fwapping, the instructor pulled the cord. Technically, he was supposed to offer me the chance to do it myself, but who knows. Maybe I missed the arm tap. I was rather busy contemplating the idea that my goggles might blow off my head.

but this was the best part, the floating down. and even the side turns were incredible. The view was incredible. a lot like what you see from the plane, but when you skydive, it surrounds you.

My landing was uneventful and painless. My hair was messed up like you would not believe. I had goggle marks on my face.

fantastic and completely worth the insane prices they charge.


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