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Lookin' good - Part 2

ok, I have a confession to make. I wrote that last entry while I was hopped up on endorphins. I had just come back from a 30 minute 'run' (more of a jog really) and that seemed to propel my descent into ego. Thus was born my longest blog entry ever, which really could've been summarized thusly:

- If you really want to know what you look like, try taking pictures of yourself in your clothes. This little exercise will sufficiently objectify you enough so that you can make rational decisions regarding your clothes.
- Finding the right self-help book is dependent on the style of the author complementing your style. That's why borrowing a bunch of books from the library on any subject is great idea.

Now then, I did title this entry as a Part 2. The good news is that its going to be a lot shorter than Part 1, and its going to be about working out. That's because its a lot easier to look good when you are in shape. I don't care what size you are, if you are trying to work with a gut in your size, its going to be hard. According to the last woman's magazine stat I read, women's average bra size is up to a 36C and average weight is somewhere around 150-ish (up 20 lbs from the last time they gathered data).

Now IF (big IF), this is true then its a bit problematic as many women's clothes are designed for a B cup and so on. And its always a shame to have to wear something that doesn't fit 80% of you in order to accommodate the other 20%. So what is my (unwholesome) message here?

"The upraised nail gets hammered down!" - Yes, that is the message! You can either be the "squeaky wheel" that hopes clothing manufacturers change or be the "upraised nail". So here is how I dropped 5 lbs and started firming up:

1) Fruit smoothies for breakfast. I also add soy protein, cause as a vegetarian, I need help.
2) Make a gym commitment and take the awful classes. In my case, I got tricked into an 'unbreakable' 3 year contract with those ASSHATS at 'Lady of America' so the money goes away no matter what I do.
3) Light dinner/Do not eat after 6pm - Eat your lunch, but moderate dinner. You didn't need that food anyway.

Now, here are some fun things that I purchased that helped me along the way:
Vital ID - I don't carry ID when I go running, so I wear one of these. Mine is purple with little pink flowers on it and when I wear it, I feel like I am a 'serious' runner. I'm doing something potentially 'dangerous', i need an ID! Damn - I am exciting!

Polar FS1 - A heartrate monitor! I bought the base entry model, which was still a bit pricey at $60. I didn't go gung-ho into heart rate training, but two good thing did happen. First, the treadmills and ellipticals at my gym work with the Polar brand. Nice.

Now this second point is important to me, so it gets its own paragraph. When I first tried running, I hated it. I felt like I was coughing up blood and it would hurt. But 'people' would hand me that line of crap about how I just need to push through the pain. I'd like to take a moment to raise a finger to all those people in my past. I am only sorry that it took a $60 piece of plastic to make me realize that when I feel bad I need to listen to myself and slow down.

well - thank god this entry is over. I would now like to take a moment to acknowledge the loml who scored 3 hole in one's at the mini-golf this weekend!


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