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missives from the edge

riding the metro always puts me in a mood, depending on the stop. the smithsonian stop always makes me feel great. you ride up the escalator and practically burst out onto The Mall (the national one, in dc, its a big grassy field surrounded by museums). its fantastic!

others, like Rosslyn, make me feel like I'm ascending from the bowels of hell (no disrespect intended to the metro system. its a fine way to commute, if a bit expensive). At Rosslyn, you ride up a multi-story escalator. the height is great enough to give me vertigo and I always keep a hand on the rail. anyway, the ride takes minutes... which is plenty of time to contemplate the zoned out nature of the commuter rat race. and once you reach the top.. you still have to walk through a mild bit of sub-terrain before you hit the street.


I think spending 4 months at home has changed me. I'm temporarily working in a common area and the guy next to me doesn't stop talking. he's really nice, friendly, but loquacious is an understatement. even when there is no one to talk to, he's leaving voicemail about how he's going to call your other number, cue more voicemail. I can't get anything done but on the plus side, I'm not angry. on the downside, i'm thinking seriously about walking out of the office for the day.

ok. I'm sticking it out but will be taking small breathers throughout the day. one odd thing i've noticed is that this man speaks about 80% in colloquialisms. its like listening to a large collection of sound bites.


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