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tender vittles

well - I'm not going to tell a story about what I've been up to lately. I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves.

The scenario: I am a concerned pet owner who realizes that many pet foods contain trash that results in your cat having to eat more to get the nutrition it needs. I understand that buying good food should pay off since the cat will eat less and suffer less health problems.

So I get a decent brand of pet food:
Hill's Science Diet dry cat food = $1.47 per lb
Hill's Science Diet canned wet food = $1.45 per lb

Then I realize that maybe I would like to make sure that the cat food doesn't contain chicken brains or feet:
Nutro canned wet food = $2.15 per lb

Then I think, "Hell, why don't I make my own cat food":
organic chicken thighs = $1.99 per lb
(note* cost of supplements not included)

And then I realize that making my own cat food can be a little messy and that I'd like to support local business:
Aunt Jeni's home made frozen raw cat food = $5.00 per lb.

I'm starting to think I'm in the wrong business.

Here is a good web page if you are interested in researching cat food:
The woman who writes these is pretty comprehensive.


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