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the youtubes

someone I know keeps spamming me with all these really boring human interest articles. I know, they mail you too. Well, I was really bored today so I actually clicked on the link, which was for a YouTube video about a family of moose (mooses, meeses) playing in a sprinkler. I made it for about half a second before I got distracted by another video called "Pop Corn with Cell Phones".

Now, this video is patently fake. You can tell by the fake camaraderie, the suspicious table set up - but mostly the jug of orange juice. Puh-lease, like I'm gonna believe that three people are going to sit around drinking Orange Juice???

But watch that video anyway, just so that you can watch this one, called : Cell Phone Popcorn Debunked.

This gem of a video displays truth, quality, and the American WAY! Its great and it warms the cockles of my tiny geeky heart.


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