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sometimes, i really think that television has messed up my life.

I mean, this is something I already know. When I was on my 10 day silent meditation retreat, about 40% of the blathering that went on in my head was television. episode reruns, movie scenes, soundtracks, whatever.

i bought some running shorts at target today. they were on sale and made of that moisture wicking stuff, which is excellent since its really hot right now (even hotter when you're jogging). However, there was some limited color selection, and I wound up with bright green. I tried them on when I got home and they struck me as being so damn cute. I wore them all day. I didn't even go running. I just puttered around the house in these lime green shorts that remind me of napoleon dynamite (the movie).

ugh.. can't I spend a day without some kind of media association in my brain?


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