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where's my beer?

So... lately at my house, we've been discussing what it takes to get 6 pack abs.

I think one of the gifts of Americana, besides ketchup and ranch dressing, is an education in diet and exercise. I don't think of myself as particularly interested in that kind of thing, but somehow, I can still define the Atkins diet, the 'no S' diet, the proper way to conduct a juice fast, refer you to some excellent calorie counting software, and a bunch of other things I can't believe I know. And one of those things is that spot reduction is a myth. So if you want to have 6 pack abs, you need to:
1) Have abs!
2) Cut the fat that stops your abs from being seen!

ohhh... so simple. Bwa-hahahahaha!

So the loml, after researching the matter, devised an excellent work out plan and has been executing it amazingly. Great job honey!

Now I, on the other hand, have refused to get engaged in the crazy work out. I've always been a trim person and I already work out and run. And I saw the olympic trials! Women runners have six-packs! so ha! ha! I just need to cut some fat, right?

uhmm.. no actually, turns out I was wrong.

I may have mentioned that during my 4 month sabbatical from work, I've kicked up my work out level and towards the end, I also started dropping some weight. Well, I did it. I cut out a bona fide 5 pounds (THE 5 lbs!) and its been off. So one fateful day (yesterday), i looked in the mirror. and what did I see?

I tell what I didn't see. a six pack. oh. my bad. I looked closer.. nope. not even a two-pack. guess I really do need to seriously work out. Somehow, I naively assumed that by virtue of being ALIVE, that my stomach muscles would be defined.

Now, my sister practically bust her gut laughing when i told her this. "I could have told you this would happen. If you had a six pack, we would've seen it already". oh, well geez... maybe I should have just asked my sister what to do instead. but, not to worry, my sister assured me. "This way, you got this really funny story to tell me instead".

hah - maybe I have a six pack in story telling instead.


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