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when I was job hunting, one of my two requirements was that the job should be within five miles of my house. I don't recall what my other requirement was but I hope I got it because I now have a one hour commute (each way). I am so blitzed from having to catch the early commuter bus, that I hardly recall much of anything... much less my password to get into this blog.

I enjoy the actual commute; it's a a nice time to relax. i've been reading (st. leibowitz and the wild horse woman - i'd give a link but i'm on the bus right now) and observing other passengers. i've specifically been observing other women's approach to business wear. this is a strange field. I first noticed that most women wear flip flops during the summer commute. this is great. as soon as I get comfortable with carrying a shoe bag into the office, i'll do this. however, I encountered one business woman at the microwave yesterday who hadn't bothered. she had a full business suit going and was shod in leather flip flops. the flip flops, I was pleased to see, were decorated with about a million little plastic sparkly free-swinging bead dongles.

these little accents of discord (and often full blown business attire sabotage) tell me that many of the women on my commute dislike their clothes and possibly their lives.

hmmm.. well, my thumbs are getting tired from blogging from my cell phone, so i'll save my commuter pop-psychology for now.


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