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Today I decided to work on positive thinking. To that end, I will track my successes for the day (SotD), while letting my failures and negative incidents roll off me (just say 'no thank you').

SotD #1: I ate a good breakfast of granola and Fage yogurt.

ok - so that's kind of it for now. I haven't really been out of bed that long.. and thanks to my sneaky new Czechoslovakian timestamping, maybe you won't figure out when I wrote this entry... (maybe.. live in hope right?)

and while I am at it, i would like to take a moment to address the phrase "No, thank you". I think we could all use this a little more. Its clear, direct, and polite. It works for when the cashier is forced to offer you a credit card application and it works with telemarketers, provided you hang up immediately after utterance.

My personal favourite application is when guys are trying to hit on me at a bar or something.. and really all I want to do is hang out with the people I'm already with. For example, this happened to me a few years ago:

"Hey ladies, are you guys from around here? "
Me: No, thank you.
" Excuse me?"
Me: No, thank you.
"You are really missing out here!"
(but at least he left with a minimum of fuss).

The one time I haven't tried this yet is during personal confrontations. They way I hear it, is that when people try to start shit with you, you can refuse to get into it. After all, they are the ones bringing it and you should treat it like a present that you don't want to accept.

"No, thank you" - I'll let you know if this works out.


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