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hail to the king

Inevitably, three days in Vegas leaves me wanting to puke. And not because I had too many slushees. but because at some point, all the flashing, blinking, chinking, binging, flashing and blinking!!!! well.. after awhile, it makes me want to purge purge purge.

So here is what I did for the last three days in Vegas:

Day 0
10pm-ish?: Arrive in Vegas after a 5 hour flight. Check into the Westin. Decide to take it easy and rest up.
Gambing = 0

Day 1
10am-ish?: The loml and I eat breakfast at the Westin buffet. Its an ok buffett but I am derailed early on by the Krispy Kreme donut selection. I make an unwise choice of the powdered jam filled one which is messy.
11am?: We decide to walk to the Hard Rock Casino. According to the map in a Vegas magazine, it looks reasonably close. Sometime later we realize (a) It is 107 degrees in Vegas this week. (b) the map lied.
11:30ish???: We arrive at the Hard Rock. There seems to be a live filming at the pool club/bar. Girls in bikinis are everywhere. We go gambling a bit. I win $150 playing roulette. Made paranoid by success I stick to playing the slots and get a $50 coupon for the italian restaurant.
2:00pm: We eat at the Pink Taco in Hard Rock. Good food, good service.
3pm - 9pm? : We attend a WEC event. It was amazing!!!! Some great surprises to be seen that night. Brian Stann lost to Cantwell, Condit suffered some amazing judo throws at the hand of Hiromitsu Miura. Cub Swanson was sitting 4 rows behind me! I got to see referees Herb Dean and Steve Mazagati (I actually tailed him around the casino for a minute before the event). Dana White, Uriah Faber, and Miguel Torres (looking bored) were in the house. And the most amazing moment for me: seeing Forrest Griffin. OMG. I think I lost my mind for at least 10 minutes at this point, lost in some fantasy world were I would get to lay hands on him (Forrest - If you ever read this, I also think you have a great personality). fewww... yeah.
I have no idea what time it is: After maneuvering through drunk barefoot bikini girls in the casino, we eat at the italian place. Food is ok, but puts me in a coma. We retire for the night.

Gambling = +$150

Day 2
9am-ish (*I forgot my watch at home): For purposes that need not be explained at this juncture, we relocated to the Planet Hollywood. PH seemed nice enough, and since we couldn't check in just yet, we rambled around the casino. After getting our club cards, we cashed in on a promotion for slot play (video blackjack for me) and I got an extra $15. Then the loml and I settled down for some blackjack. The table was friendly and things were ok until I hit a losing streak. I abandoned the table with $5 in losses (i am such a high roller). I wandered over to a roulette table and made a quick $60. PH is kind of neat because they do a lot of free competition. Over the course of that day, I managed not to win at 3 raffles and barely missed winning at a double-exposure black jack tournament.
6pm ish - 9pm: Excitement abounds. I got a ticket to go see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. And it was AWESOME! I've never seen a production before and I have to admit, things make a lot more sense now. Did you know they actually show the Phantom's face??? I always thought it was like a horror movie where you try not to reveal the monster until the absolute end.. but no.. you get a good 15 minutes of singing Phantom deformity. So I have to say, the theatre at the Venetian is excellent. I recommend.
Evening: I have no idea what happened next but I went to sleep.

Gambling = +$225

Day 3
ok - i am gonna let the time table go, cause I kind of lost track and this is where we build up to the puking feeling. This was a fun day. I had a great breakfast and headed on out to the casino. After some consideration I sat down at a blackjack table. Things were ok, until i picked up my cards. at which point i got a small lecture from the dealer about the rules. Turns out I had sat down at a single deck black jack table, and things worked differently. but good enough for me, I made $80! yay me!

the rest of the day is kinda wacky. I completely bombed out at the double exposure black jack tournament, two raffle drawings, and three slot tournaments. damn!

so that was it for me in Vegas!

Gambling = approx +$300 given the cost of drink tips (not accounting for the +/- $5 at video blackjack.


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