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is this a parable?

I have accepted the fact that I am the worst sort of cat owner: the one who panders to the cats and treats them almost like children (without actually admitting to themselves that they are treating them exactly like little fuzzy people).

So you can understand that I've bought all kinds of weird things for the cats. The latest thing I bought was an auto-feeder. Its pretty neat actually. You program it to dispense a certain amount of kibble for up to three scheduled feedings at any times you want.

So mine is set to go off once a day at 6am, because this is when the cats are at their most annoying. So in the manner of any bad parent, this is when I throw food at them. What's interesting to me is that I have four cats (yes, a story for later I know.. for now, you can just think of me as that person with the cats). Now I'm not completely off my gourd, I didn't buy four cat feeders. They're a little pricey. I only own one which means that some kind of system had to be worked out and at 6am I'm not around to enforce it.

So yes, its feline law at the communal food dish!

Well, this morning I couldn't sleep so I thought that while I was awake and contemplating my navel, I might as well observe the cats. I understand that observation generates its own impact so I tried to be unobtrusive. So at 6am, I was in the second bedroom meditating. The cats were trying to distract me, until a noise was heard. The auto-feeder was stirring! Like a shot, they were off! Some cats faster than others. When I took a peek towards the kitchen, I was a little surprised to see that it wasn't the fattest cat that was hogging the dish, but the bossiest one.

And that was how it played out, according to pecking order. On a side note, contrary to everything I had read, the sole neutered male, instead of eating last, actually went second. I always knew that cat had no idea how society worked.


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