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living oprah

I was surfing through my XM stations one day when I noticed that Oprah had her own channel (Oprah & Friends). This is when it really hit me that Oprah is some kind of demi-goddess and is well on her way to conquering America and the world.

I recently read about a blogger/artist who decided to live based on what Oprah tells people to do. She blogs her daily efforts and made some good points about how Oprah simultaneously tells people that we need to be more conscious about how our lifestyles impact the environment, as well as encouraging people to BUY STUFF! her blog kind of wound down a bit (which is a shame) so I can't really recommend. but you can find it here.

so just a few minutes ago (while meditating) I wondered if this woman ever got really angry. This sounds like exactly the kind of situation that people get into when they decide that they have found 'the way'. As in, if I just follow 'the way', I will be a happier person. If I just do everything that Oprah tells me to do, I will be a better person. If I just act a certain way, I will be loved. if I buy this car, I will be popular.

or maybe, none of those things will happen, and you'll just be very angry.


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