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TGI.. Whatever

I'm just glad the week is over.

Here are my highlights or lowlights... I guess it depends on if your glass is half full or empty. though, as my friend Howard has remarked, "I have no glass." (and if you're reading this, Howard, I am with you.)

so in no particular order:

1) I took a new job and today I went to visit my new office peeps. Now the day I had interviewed with them, I had been getting dressed and nervously forgot my wedding/engagement rings at home (I forgot to put them back on after applying facial moisturizer). Now, I didn't think it was a big deal, but the first time I talked to two of these guys (individually), they both made a comment of "Oh, you are married! You didn't have a wedding ring on last time did you?"

Finally! Proof that a man won't notice when you lose 5 inches of hair off your head, but when you go off the market, Hey! This is an event! hah - they are good people, I swear.

2) These days, I cruise in the HOV lanes which run during restricted times. There are plenty of people willing to break the law on this one; I see them getting pulled over every day. But today I was in HOV right as the clock changed from all access to HOV only, and it was like the red sea parting. Within a minute or two, all these cars just started changing lanes over. like some strange urban lobster migration.

3) I dislike posting stories like this because you probably don't need to see this but, here it is: A Hong Kong immigrant detained by U.S. Immigration dies of cancer, while in custody (and yes, they did deny him medical attention). Civil Liberties are important, people. and don't think that being a citizen will save you.

4) I finally joined Facebook. Oh the humanity. I just wanted to read other people's entries but was caught up in their profile, friend-iness, game playing crap-fest. I simultaneously loathe and love the interface. My feelings are very complex on this one. I'll probably have another post later .

and that's it. Happy Sangria!


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