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Today I was going through my mail pile, dividing it into the 'trash', 'shred', and 'take action' sub piles. And in my pile, there was an envelope with a "guilt penny" in it, very clearly labeled.

"We've enclosed a nickel that can help find a cure!"

ooo-kay.. you've sent me a magical nickel (penny, whatever).. what's up?

ah - it turns out the American Diabetes Association wants money. And while the nickel is never really explained, I'm pretty sure they want me to feel bad about taking it. So bad, that I will send them $20 or more in exchange.

ha! I am going to take this magical diabetic nickel and drop it right in my piggy bank!

but then I see that the ADA is playing hardball. They've also enclosed a sheet of address labels.. I'm a sucker for these things and I start to waver. but then I recall something someone said to me the last time I donated money for diabetes.

"Only fat people get diabetes. You shouldn't give money to save fat people!"

hehehehe.. well now. Most diabetics that I know are fat. Though I did have one diabetic roommate who was only stout, not actually fat. well, either way, this does remind me that I've already donated a hefty sum for the diabetics this year (get it? hefty..?)

those address labels are mine!


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