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who won the 'lympics?

i've consumed so much olympics, I could puke (though I blame the commentating). watching our team 4x100 was a little heartbreaking. who knew that you needed finesse in track, anyway? if you missed it, I can summarize it for you: we dropped the baton. a lot.

so after a few days and days of this (horse dancing is a sport?!), I started to wonder... Who is winning the olympics?

1. Michael Phelps, that's who. as soon as he stops training so damn much, his life'll be phat! but we hope he cuts back on that 12000 daily caloric intake.

2. Misty May & her volleyball partner. They beat EVERYONE! in like, the world.. twice! now they're off to have babies, per their nbc interview. Good luck ladies.

3. kinesiotape. due to its starring role on several athletes, I predict a mini-boom on this stuff.

Now on to the not-quite winners:

1. China - they've falsified the documentation on their gymnasts. They have gone from deporting foreign peaceful protestors to detaining them (at this time there are at least 6 americans missing and 1 british woman - I know there are more). They even told their own citizens that protest was allowed in designated areas after obtaining a permit. however, of the last 76 permits filed, 74 were 'voluntarily' withdrawn and the last two ladies who filed had charges filed against them which terminated their protest requests (and they weren't even protesting about tibet). I don't really need to go into that Tibet thing.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, has said that the world needs to embrace China, so that they will become open to change. and its easy to be critical of china, but they aren't the only ones around here detaining people under suspicious circumstances, controlling the media, or whose citizens resist turning a critical eye to their own government. (no canada, i'm not talking about you.)

well, if I could hug china or buy them a coke, I would. cause if I lived there, there is a chance that this blog entry would have landed me in jail, had my family threatened by the local police, and my home vandalized by citizens. So come on America, let's win the olympics.


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