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you know its true

I suspect that I am committing at least two mistakes today:

#1) humanizing my cats

which allows me to perform #2) living vicariously through them.

Sick, isn't it? Today I went to the Natural Pet Food store to get some pre-made raw cat food. They sell Aunt Jeni's Home Made, which is a local women owned business, and my cats will eat it without puking (Score All Around!) While I was browsing the frozen food section, I decided to pick up some chicken necks for the kids cats. Chicken necks are good because they help clean kitty's teeth and won't cause choking or internal damage (unlike pieces of cooked bone which can splinter). I actually tried to get these from the butcher at Whole Foods but they didn't have any, but Aunt Jeni is happy to sell these as well.

So after setting down the chicken selection (I just read the web-site and they use Bell & Evans chicken which is free-range, vegetable fed.. blah blah blah organic... can you believe this??), I pulled out a couple of small pieces of chicken neck. Now, I have four cats.. two who can actually hunt, and two who can barely jump. Someone was going to eat these things.

So after the ground chicken was gone, I put down the necks. My big vicious hunting cat immediately went for one and began licking it to death ?! oh boy.. no teeth would get cleaned at this rate. The other chicken neck went to the prettiest fluffiest girl in the house.. and I did hear a couple of crunching noises, but that also went to the licking. In the end, the neutered male won again. Despite missing a tooth, he crunched his way right through both chicken necks (though not before attempting to run away with one), which hopefully will save his remaining teeth.

and no one has puked yet.. Success!!


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