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September 3, 2008


well, I've been doing stuff that's for sure.

1) the loml and I were taking a constitutional around our local town center when we stopped at the local AT&T store. About 45 minutes later, he had a nifty Sony Eriksson phone and I was in possession of a sparkly new iPhone.

Oh the iPhone. I was in love. It's finally affordable and my addiction to the Internet is complete. At least it was until the reality of AT&T's 3G network hit (and now I understand what the salesman at the store was trying to warn me about). My iPhone was doing great until I noticed that I couldn't always access data services. I have plenty of signal and the 3G icon is always willing to lie to me and say it's there. But the truth is that for two days straight now, I have been unable to get on the Internet, use google maps, access the app store, login to aim, you name it and I can't do it between 9am and noonish from my work location.

Believe me, it's not my fault (I spent an hour resetting the phone and twiddling the settings). Live and learn. I hear that 3G network upgrades in my area should be complete in three months which equals a year and a half in real time.

2) Aveda - my friend Christian is pretty intrigued with their products and lately, I've been a little curious myself. So on the way to the apple store yesterday, I stopped in the aveda store and purchased some lipstick. I don't have much luck with the stuff; I always seem to buy stuff that's the same color as my lips so what's the point? Well, as the saleslady thoughtfully pointed out, as I was protesting a trial sample "isn't it a bit dark?", the problem was me. I just needed to get used to seeing a different color on my face otherwise I was doomed to puchase ineffectual lip colors for life. Ahhh, the moment of enlightenment can be painful. Well, I took her advice and walked around the rest of the day wearing the sample. And then I bought some. I feel so pretty!

3) where to draw the line by anne katherine. I borrowed this from the library yesterday while browsing the self-help section. What a great book about identifying and enforcing appropriate boundries in your relationships, casual or otherwise. If you're trying to figure out when it's appropriate to tell people to back-off, this book is for you.

4) crystal film - as the loml has noticed, I've been spending an awful lot of time polishing my iPhone. But I am not crazy! There's an awful lot of crap out there that you can buy to accessorize your new accessory, but I'm not falling for it. Silicone cases garner dust and I don't think I'll need a metal protective armor suit for the phone just yet, thanks. The crystal films are awesome. They make it look just like you don't have anything on the phone even to the point of getting a million smudges on it. The salesman told me that alot of people actually return the crystal film and buy the anti-glare version for that reason. Which is funny because I was returning the anti-glare film in exchange for the crystal set. Anti-glare just wasn't shiny enough.

So that's it for me. Feel free to e-mail me or aim me more since I'm ALWAYS online now except for when 3G don't let me. And did I mention that the shiny apple logo on the back of my phone is perfect for checking my lipstick? Life is good.

Note* normally I would have linked each of the items to a webpage, but Suprise! The iPhone doesn't do cut-n-paste! And you know I'm not typing in some of those URL'sby hand.

September 4, 2008

Worm condo

After living with the worms for about a year, I decided it was time to upgrade their home. Honestly, I'm not sure how long I've had them. According to my blog, it was a month before Unor last year (this is what happens when you convert your datestamps to Czech and then babelfish doesn't translate Czech).

Either way, I was tired of manhandling the two tupperware storage boxes I had been using for their home. They were a pain in the ass and after all this time, I thought in would be ok to sink some money into my home composting set up. So I bought a 5 story condo from WormsWrangler.com.

The whole thing is pretty neat. Its made from hard plastic, has a little drainage spout at the bottom (which a whole lot nicer than constantly draining into a plastic pan), and a little roof. but what I'm really looking forward to are the easier worm migrations.

After all this time, the thrill of digging through worm shit with my hands has really worn off. So I'm hoping that this 5 tier design will really allow me to manage my worm migrations smoother that in the past. (the short story is that you start hiding all the food in the top end and all the worms chase it, leaving the bottom tier worm free and full of compost goodness.) And since each tier is removable, I can just pull it out and empty it before placing it back on the structure.

Genius! I just hope it works!

September 8, 2008

everybody loves paris...

well, its series of happy coincidences these last couple of days (though I am personally a big fan of synchronicity).

I've been trying this positive thinking thing out for a couple of days, which worked out really well after *someone* mentioned that bracelet thing. (that would be swapping a bracelet from one hand to another every time you complain - and I totally got a bracelet out of it!) Positiveness everywhere.

I also read "Why Can't You Shut Up" by Anthony Wolf. This was another library browsing find that I picked up mainly because of the title. Of course when I told the loml about it, he just gave me this significant look. Which I didn't think was that nice of him.

but, hurt feelings aside, I read the book anyway. And hey, did you know that I'm a pretty selfish person? Damn these self-help books! but I finished the book; it was totally great and I recommend.

What I do not recommend is "Bone to Pick - of forgiveness, reconciliation, reparation, and revenge" by Ellis Cose. I think my local library just dorked up the dewey decimal on this one, cause its not really a self-help book. What its really about how victims deal with the aftermath of 'bad things'. Now, at first i thought it would be ok, cause 'bad stuff' happens in all relationships.. Unfortunately, the 'bad stuff' in this book is stuff like genocide, torture, apartheid, and a huge variety of war crimes. yikes.. thanks but no thanks.. I did not marry a third world dictator.

on a side note: Can't anyone pronounce 'panache' correctly these days! Seriously!

September 10, 2008

apocalypse now?

dammit dammit dammit

I stopped watching the news over a year ago and the results have been largely positive with only a couple of exceptions. I know I have friends, but none of you assholes could be bothered to let me know the world is about to end???!!! THANKS ALOT!

with the exception of commentor "tal" who was nice enough to let me know about the Large Hadron Collider that just started up. Come on people, life as we know is clearly about to end.

Just when I had decided to make-over the house using Feng Shui books from the library. oh well.

a confidential to the loml: Honey, I saved all my kisses for you.

September 11, 2008

stupid light fixture

My stupid light fixture.

I need to replace the chandelier light fixture thingy in the dining room. So I went to home depot and got a smackin' good deal on a 3 bulb pendant fixture. Especially good cause Home Depot had mis-labeled the price so they sold it to me for the cheaper price.

So I marched home with my prize and a few days later decided to install the sucker. Now, I am totally in favor of people attempting their own home projects. I think we should always try these things just to see that sometimes, they aren't as hard as you think they are. As long as you're safe (a.k.a. turning off the breakers) there isn't much you aren't going to lose besides your time and temper.

So, I'm highly confident about installing this light fixture until...

I notice that some highly intelligent person somewhere has implemented an "EASY ATTACHMENT" thing that supposed to make the electrical connections easier. WTF!?? Easier!?!?!? If you've ever installed a ceiling fan, electrical socket, light fixture, or thermostat, then you know! YOU KNOW that there are basically three connections. Hot, neutral, and ground.. a.k.a. Black, White, and Green. yes, i know.. sometimes we get reds and blues but whatever. My point is that its not really that hard to make a connection with a those little plastic electrical caps.

Its so easy that your 5-year old could do it. really.. but whatever, some one some where decided that I needed an EASY ATTACHMENT. whatever.

so the easy attachment is basically a plastic female piece that you feed the house wires into. and then you plug in the male piece that connects to the actual light fixture. voila. easy.

except that for some reason, its hard to feed the house wires into the EASY thing. all they give me is a hole to FIRMLY push the wire into. uhmm ok.. why is this easier than using a wiring cap again?

and sure enough.. when all is said and done, the damn light isn't turning on and I'm pretty sure that its because the wire connections aren't actually connected. Sooo easy!!!

September 12, 2008

seriously people

memories are a construct.

really. those things you think are indelible moments permanently etched into your brain... not so much.

I learned several things during the 3+ years that I slogged through graduate school, and this was one of them. You aren't remembering near as much as you think. You've just constructed the memory as you "recall" it from "facts" that you believe to be true. In that sense, you might as well play "let's pretend".. its about the same. you get very similar results.

Not so much of a point on this rant. I just wish people would stop being so surprised when studies like this show up.

September 14, 2008


this one is for the women.

So, I like to go jogging on Saturday's. Its almost strange because I've hated running for years but now, I go every Saturday out to the local trail. I guess the endorphins have finally got to me. The nice thing about the trail is that its pretty busy, so you don't have to worry about getting mugged and you can nod at people going the opposite direction. I don't usually spend a lot of time looking at other people because i think of running as being a very me-centric thing. I'm the one who's out there and I'm trying to listen to myself.. though its always a good exercise to extend that awareness out to the trail as well. In the spring, I try not to squish the millions of fuzzy caterpillars that cross the way. Sometimes, I see weird animals too.

But the last couple of times were different because I finally bought a sports bra that fit. And after going out and seeing some of the other women on the trail, I really have to say something. Ladies! regular sports bras are made for A/B cups. And if you are bigger than that then you should really really spend the extra $20 and get the ones for your C/D cup and up! There is some great stuff out there that I found at my local running store and REI (the most amazing place on earth - this week).

Moving Comfort (these guys will sell up to DD - i guess if its more than that, you aren't supposed to run?):

  • Fiona - I own one of these in black. It is AWESOME. Its got adjustable straps and a three hook closure in the back. I know the picture of this white one looks dorky, but trust me, in black it totally looks great and just like a normal sports bra (instead of some kind of super-engineered support device).

  • Phoebe - This one is the best looking sports bra out there (IMHO). It was also one of the cheapest and it works great. I had to go a band size up to avoid uni-boob but I took this one running as well and its AWESOME!

Under Armour - Endure: I didn't buy this one but I almost did. Unfortunately, at $40+ per bra, I could only justify owning two, so this one went back on the rack. This still doesn't negate how AWESOME it is. If you need something to strap you down comfortably, then you should check it out.

A final note:
Working out is much more fun when your support garments fit. So invest in yourself and check out your local REI if you want to try some on.

September 15, 2008

dangerous liasons

Dangerous liasons indeed! I had typed up this huge entry using my iPhone when a call came through. And then when I tried to get back to my entry, the page refresh had tanked everything. But I'm ok with it cause that's what happens when technology and convenience collide. And as a benefit to you, dear reader, today's entry should now be more concise.

So I loved the movie 'dangerous liasons'. Not only did it have john malkovich and michelle pfieffer, it also had glenn close, swoozie kurtz, uma thurman, and our ambiguous friend keanu reeves. But it's the fantastic plot that people love with insane-o social intrigue and people dressed up, talking fancy, but meaning the worst. And who doesn't love all that swanky talking? It's not like we get much of it in our own lives. I was just in the bathroom with a woman on a business call, from a stall! And now, I'm telling you about it! So much for talking pretty! Fluush!

I know it's not king James' court but here's what happened to me this morning. I walked in to work and noticed a briefcase on the adjacent desk. I sit in a common area so no big deal. But within ten minutes of launching my e-mail, someone saw me at my desk and struck up a 'conversation'. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but basically he wanted my desk. I indicated that it was taken, he countered that he had left his briefcase. I noted that his case was on a different desk and I had been storing my tea cup inside the one in question. He relented and I offerred him the use of the desk next week. At which point he said that he only wanted it for Monday because it had a good phone connection. I said nothing. He said that now he would probably have to sit on a different floor. Still nothing from me so he left.

At the beginning of the talking, we had been smiling. Those smiles merged into shit-eating grins and concluded as decorative baring of teeth. and I can't help but wonder, what would have happened if this had been like the movies? Well, as a woman, I wouldn't have had a desk to lose but imagine our conversation would have been much wittier, while making lovely comments about each others questionable parentage and then one of us would have to shoot the other in an illegal duel. (sorry, all I know is what I read in those georgette heyer regency romances). As it is, I think that guy is pushy and he probably thinks I'm inconvenient. But hey, at least we can both still smile about it.

natalie portman

I hope everyone is taking advantage of the programming on FX lately. I think they've been playing 'V for Vendetta' for at least two days now. Great performances by Hugo Weaving and Stephen Rea (who came with their own accents)...

sadly for Natalie Portman, her's was almost really good .. but she does make me want to shave my head.

and, as always, a weird look into how fear can be used to control a population.

aww man, the ending of this movie always make me cry.

September 16, 2008

right speech

So lately I've been working on right speech, in the buddhist context. To get pithy, it means I should only say something if its helpful, true, and its the right time to say something. You can go a long ways with this, but I thought I'd tell this story instead.

I was at a social gathering and it was a lot of fun. The company was excellent; everyone was really nice and we were relaxing and chatting along. And then one of the people said (and you know this one), "I heard this story about a person who did < insert weird incident here > ...".

And I immediately thought two things (ok, three things):
1) this is the kind of thing that right speech warns us against. Its a story about someone you don't know doing something that might not be true. right? this is one of those friend of a friend's brothers roommate's uncle things that you inevitably discover is fake on snopes.com

2) I am the one who told this story to this person first! like three months ago! and they don't remember that I'm the one who told it!

3) Damn! my stories SUCK! and it did. I always think I'm passing along some kind of "news of the weird" item, but when I heard someone else tell it.. it just sounded ugly and depressing.


September 21, 2008

Sunday Funnies

ok, its time for the cartoons and stuff.

First off, an entry produced by some guys named Matt Stone and Trey Parker (who are these losers?)

and then, via my cousin andy, there is this quick guide on apostrophes but note that it does not cover the correct usage of "it's" and "its".

September 22, 2008

i'm tired

for the first time in about seven months, I put in a full day's work. And man, do I feel tired. I suppose I might not be used to it anymore.. or maybe it's that half pack of gum I chewed through at the end of the day. Upon reflection, I probably should have had breakfast. Maybe tomorrow.

Being at work again is kind of neat. There are all these things that I had forgotten about. Like having nice co-workers. This is the best thing ever about work. I also have a great fondness for office supplies.

Then there are the challenges. Like the people who think nothing of having a discussion, right in the middle of my team's cube area. But, we are wise professionals now.. Two of us put on headphones, someone else just cranked up his phone/mp3 player, and I have no idea what the zen master in the corner did, but I have no doubt he worked through it.

And after my months on sabbatical, contemplating the nature of my life and attending a meditation retreat, i was a little surprised at my reactions to things. When my pc kept locking me out every three seconds after I logged in (about 10 times in a row) I got mad. I smacked my mouse into my desk several times. BUT then, it was over and i was calm and able to call the help desk for assistance.

so its been pretty neat so far.

September 23, 2008

clean living

looks like we are headed for a depression, y'all!

from what I've been reading what this generally means is that we all need to hold on to our jobs and reconsider frivolous spending. So consider this thought: Would you actually buy that piece of clothing if you knew that you had to wear it until it wore out?

ooh chills.

hahaha - anyway, on to the latest. So last night, I took a shower using soap... for the first time in about a decade. YES! that's right! I haven't used soap on my body for over ten years! Because I prefer to use body wash, specifically non-soap body washes. For example, both Oil of Olay and Dove make soap-free body washes and there is definitely NO SOAP in my facial wash.

A few months ago I bought a bottle of Dr.Bronner's soap. What's cool about it is that you can use it to clean things.. all kinds of things. And its much cheaper than buying all those special cleansers that kill EVERY LIVING THING in the vicinity and make sure your immune system never realizes its purpose in life (but that's a rant for another time).

I started using it as a hand wash since all those anti-bacterial hand soaps were killing my skin. I bought some el-cheapo foaming soap dispensers from target for $1.89 and refilled them with mixture of 2 tsp dr. bronner's to 1 cup water. works great.

now, I've just run out of body wash so I'm trying out a 50/50 mix of dr.bronner's and water on my skin (just a few drops on a loofah). we'll see how that turns out since there is some literature out there suggesting that using soap in hard water will only clog up your pores. but my water's not hard and I came out of my shower smelling great.

Soon, I'll be out of shampoo and conditioner.. so we'll see how that goes as well. because if there is one area that I think people really should reconsider, its how often they wash their hair. especially women. do you shampoo your hair almost every day and then wonder why it has no body?

if so, then you are not only stupid, but you are also lazy. Finally, i get to say something awful that has a high probability of being true!

September 25, 2008

bathtub gin

So now that we are in a depression, i thought it would be a good time to start ignoring the financial news. It was only making me upset.

but as I sat down to a friendly dinner tonight, i couldn't avoid the topic; it was sitting next me! Yes! Turns out someone who worked for the SEC was sitting next to me and telling all about things I couldn't give two shits about.. or one (since I've got to practice rationing). But luckily for me, eventually he ran out of financial stuff to to talk about and the evening progressed into myriad social patterns.

all was well.. until the end. when we had to split. the. check. and i just know there is an economic lesson in here somewhere cause the SEC guy and his wife totally bailed on their portion and then high-tailed it out of the restaurant! and i asked the waitress TWICE for a separate check, which she lied about. I'm not going into a metaphor here because then I'll really get upset.

suffice to say, if you are FAT, then quit welshing on the damn check! cause you are giving fat people a bad name! Everybody knows that you can't have appetizers, two meals, soda and beers, AND DESSERT for less than $40! YES, we KNOW. and YES, WE TALK ABOUT YOU AFTER YOU LEAVE!

heh. and this blog was supposed to be about how I want an orange scooter. you know, all positive like. sort of like these.

September 26, 2008

apocalypse how!

i know its a little too vogue right now to be thinking we're headed for the end, but what can i say..? merlot makes me maudlin.

my first tip that the rapture was nigh was when OK stop wait...
there have been plenty of tips actually.. starting somewhere with the melting ice caps, bush junior's election, the economy, people watching 'the hills', the SHC, and lately with these suspicious methane emissions in the arctic.. but I'm talking about today!

Today's big hint was when I finally watched the latest 'Project Runway' episode and saw that they kicked off Suede instead of Kenley! As Suede said "OMFG! Suede is leaving".

but seriously! Suede's design was boring. yes, the true kiss of death on the runway. But Kenley's outfit was not only inappropriate but badly sewn! COME ON! She sassed Tim Gunn! The most beloved gay man on tv right now. He's practically the Mother Teresa of sympathetic male-ness! Kenley's lack of vision makes it impossible for her to even make it to the top three! Even the loml (bless his tolerance of my tv interests) could tell you after 5 minutes that Kenley would only make 12 dresses that belong in 50's. (and in UGLY ass prints - no less)..

but ok. sign #1 of ragnarok has been acknowledged.

soo uhmm sign #2.. eh? well, my precious little princess, miss kitty kitty was really jumpy. especially after Kenley did NOT GET booted. and they always say that animals can sense these things.. right?

September 27, 2008

the teen years

through the glory of netflix, I find myself once again on the odd end of the movie spectrum. The latest piece of amazingness to make its way across my television is "Eagle vs Shark". I have no idea why or when I put this on my netflix list but it showed up about a month ago in my mailbox, and I finally got around to watching it.

and i realize my commentary is better placed on the netflix or imdb sites, but I have to tell you. This movie was like the love-child of "Napoleon Dynamite" and "8 mile".. and I never thought that was possible.

Its the love story of the true geek and when I say that, I am totally mean like that video those LARPing geeks in the forest ('Lighting bolt! Lighting bolt'). Anyways, it was really hard to make it through the first 15 minutes of the movie. but the funny parts kept getting genuinely funnier (actually, i just watched a preview for it, and I'm still cracking up)

So if you have a thing for sundance films out of New Zealand, i recommend (besides, the last time you had a chance to see maori actors was in 'the piano' and the accents are waay better in this one.)

September 28, 2008

she devil

if you watched 'Jerry Springer' then you know this topic (actually if you watched Jerry, then you know I could be ready to talk anything from erotic vomiting to "which of these 6 men is my baby daddy"). but I'm talking about rather common one that you could see on almost every episode. Its the "my man cheated on me with you, so now I'm gonna git you bish!".

which always makes me wonder, "Why aren't these two women trying to bobbit the man in question?" He's pretty guilty here as well, if not the most guilty person on stage. But instead, we get this woman-on-woman hate crime. I'm thinking about this today cause I just saw "Working Girl" on tv. I think you will recall its the movie where Melanie Griffith plays Sigourney Weaver's secretary, and she comes up with this great business idea. Sigourney steals her idea and the rest of movie involves Melanie Griffith in a successful overcome and overthrow maneuver. I used to love this movie. but as I watched it today, I realized a couple of things.

1) Sigourney Weaver's character gets humiliated by the "Man Group" at the end. Yes, she was bad, but so bad that it required multiple smirking male execs treating her like trash? She's the only powerful female figure in the movie and it has to end with disrespect? If she had been a man, she would have been shot or arrested or something... but this?

2) Melanie Griffith is rewarded with an entry level job. Wow! this is great. Her character pulls off an amazing business deal; one that clearly blows away Harrison Ford's character who has had a career in this area. And what does she get?? An entry-level job?? damn me with faint praise.

So after thinking about it awhile, the only movie I can recall that deals with this topic in what I consider to be satisfactory manner is 'She-Devil'. Who can beat this Roseanne Barr revenge-athon?! After her jerk-husband leaves her for Merly Streep, Roseanne's character systematically destroys everything of value her husband possessed. Not once does she get distracted! Meryl Streep's character even makes it out ok.

"Working Girl" was made in 1988 and "She-Devil" in 1989, so its not like we are dealing with radically different cultures here. And I realize that "Working Girl" is actually a woman betraying another woman, but what was the point of that? To show that a strong woman trying to claw her way to the top has to be punished? At least "She-Devil" shows that a strong woman can start a successful business and empower other women, while taking down her enemies!

I know which one I prefer.

September 29, 2008

my hands

well, i've been washing with soap for about a week now and i think i may have to stop because my hands are killing me. Washing my body with soap was ok. I got clean and my skin seems to be fine. but washing my hair with soap is something else.

On the positive side, its nice to be able to have only one bottle of cleanser to do both (except my face - that's a whole nother topic). but getting the amount of soap right for my hair was tricky. I know guys who do this pretty easily but i do have a significant length of hair. The first two times, I used too little soap so by the time I got around to my third hair washing, i really had to get it right (I only wash my hair every few days - any more than that is usually bad for me).

and now, i think my hair is clean, but the amount of soap I used has totally killed the skin on my hands. oy! i can think of so many much more fun experiments I've tried. like the "what can i eat with easy cheese?" one... Even the three-day juice fast was better than this.

I have a sneaking suspicion my next experiment is going to involve me heading to an Aveda lifestyle store...

September 30, 2008

gaming heaven

I think I'm going to have to buy wii fit with balance board. I know when I first saw their ads, I was pretty frickin' unimpressed (much like the people who made this video). My dear Nutter Butter has had one ever since it was possible to get one, and I recall thinking at the time "I already do yoga! What do I need a $90 scale-thingy for?"

That's not to say i was never going to buy one. I was just waiting for the right game to come along. Like, you know how when the wii first came out, how everyone loved playing wii sports and all those ridiculously fun party games like cow racing? those games were fun, but nothing to build a obsession around. Even paper mario, which was kind of neat, still didn't inspire me. It wasn't until Mario Galaxy came out, when I truly felt the call to start building a small piece of my life around the wii. Cause that was the first game, in my opinion, that really utilized the features of the wii and wii-motes really well.

so yeah, I'll admit it, when i first saw that balance board, the thought that crossed my mind was "ooh.. i can't wait til they make a game that let's me kill things with that sucker!"

hehehe - but hey! my yoga teacher says that it really brings more awareness to her yoga..

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