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apocalypse how!

i know its a little too vogue right now to be thinking we're headed for the end, but what can i say..? merlot makes me maudlin.

my first tip that the rapture was nigh was when OK stop wait...
there have been plenty of tips actually.. starting somewhere with the melting ice caps, bush junior's election, the economy, people watching 'the hills', the SHC, and lately with these suspicious methane emissions in the arctic.. but I'm talking about today!

Today's big hint was when I finally watched the latest 'Project Runway' episode and saw that they kicked off Suede instead of Kenley! As Suede said "OMFG! Suede is leaving".

but seriously! Suede's design was boring. yes, the true kiss of death on the runway. But Kenley's outfit was not only inappropriate but badly sewn! COME ON! She sassed Tim Gunn! The most beloved gay man on tv right now. He's practically the Mother Teresa of sympathetic male-ness! Kenley's lack of vision makes it impossible for her to even make it to the top three! Even the loml (bless his tolerance of my tv interests) could tell you after 5 minutes that Kenley would only make 12 dresses that belong in 50's. (and in UGLY ass prints - no less)..

but ok. sign #1 of ragnarok has been acknowledged.

soo uhmm sign #2.. eh? well, my precious little princess, miss kitty kitty was really jumpy. especially after Kenley did NOT GET booted. and they always say that animals can sense these things.. right?


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