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bathtub gin

So now that we are in a depression, i thought it would be a good time to start ignoring the financial news. It was only making me upset.

but as I sat down to a friendly dinner tonight, i couldn't avoid the topic; it was sitting next me! Yes! Turns out someone who worked for the SEC was sitting next to me and telling all about things I couldn't give two shits about.. or one (since I've got to practice rationing). But luckily for me, eventually he ran out of financial stuff to to talk about and the evening progressed into myriad social patterns.

all was well.. until the end. when we had to split. the. check. and i just know there is an economic lesson in here somewhere cause the SEC guy and his wife totally bailed on their portion and then high-tailed it out of the restaurant! and i asked the waitress TWICE for a separate check, which she lied about. I'm not going into a metaphor here because then I'll really get upset.

suffice to say, if you are FAT, then quit welshing on the damn check! cause you are giving fat people a bad name! Everybody knows that you can't have appetizers, two meals, soda and beers, AND DESSERT for less than $40! YES, we KNOW. and YES, WE TALK ABOUT YOU AFTER YOU LEAVE!

heh. and this blog was supposed to be about how I want an orange scooter. you know, all positive like. sort of like these.


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