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clean living

looks like we are headed for a depression, y'all!

from what I've been reading what this generally means is that we all need to hold on to our jobs and reconsider frivolous spending. So consider this thought: Would you actually buy that piece of clothing if you knew that you had to wear it until it wore out?

ooh chills.

hahaha - anyway, on to the latest. So last night, I took a shower using soap... for the first time in about a decade. YES! that's right! I haven't used soap on my body for over ten years! Because I prefer to use body wash, specifically non-soap body washes. For example, both Oil of Olay and Dove make soap-free body washes and there is definitely NO SOAP in my facial wash.

A few months ago I bought a bottle of Dr.Bronner's soap. What's cool about it is that you can use it to clean things.. all kinds of things. And its much cheaper than buying all those special cleansers that kill EVERY LIVING THING in the vicinity and make sure your immune system never realizes its purpose in life (but that's a rant for another time).

I started using it as a hand wash since all those anti-bacterial hand soaps were killing my skin. I bought some el-cheapo foaming soap dispensers from target for $1.89 and refilled them with mixture of 2 tsp dr. bronner's to 1 cup water. works great.

now, I've just run out of body wash so I'm trying out a 50/50 mix of dr.bronner's and water on my skin (just a few drops on a loofah). we'll see how that turns out since there is some literature out there suggesting that using soap in hard water will only clog up your pores. but my water's not hard and I came out of my shower smelling great.

Soon, I'll be out of shampoo and conditioner.. so we'll see how that goes as well. because if there is one area that I think people really should reconsider, its how often they wash their hair. especially women. do you shampoo your hair almost every day and then wonder why it has no body?

if so, then you are not only stupid, but you are also lazy. Finally, i get to say something awful that has a high probability of being true!


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