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dangerous liasons

Dangerous liasons indeed! I had typed up this huge entry using my iPhone when a call came through. And then when I tried to get back to my entry, the page refresh had tanked everything. But I'm ok with it cause that's what happens when technology and convenience collide. And as a benefit to you, dear reader, today's entry should now be more concise.

So I loved the movie 'dangerous liasons'. Not only did it have john malkovich and michelle pfieffer, it also had glenn close, swoozie kurtz, uma thurman, and our ambiguous friend keanu reeves. But it's the fantastic plot that people love with insane-o social intrigue and people dressed up, talking fancy, but meaning the worst. And who doesn't love all that swanky talking? It's not like we get much of it in our own lives. I was just in the bathroom with a woman on a business call, from a stall! And now, I'm telling you about it! So much for talking pretty! Fluush!

I know it's not king James' court but here's what happened to me this morning. I walked in to work and noticed a briefcase on the adjacent desk. I sit in a common area so no big deal. But within ten minutes of launching my e-mail, someone saw me at my desk and struck up a 'conversation'. I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but basically he wanted my desk. I indicated that it was taken, he countered that he had left his briefcase. I noted that his case was on a different desk and I had been storing my tea cup inside the one in question. He relented and I offerred him the use of the desk next week. At which point he said that he only wanted it for Monday because it had a good phone connection. I said nothing. He said that now he would probably have to sit on a different floor. Still nothing from me so he left.

At the beginning of the talking, we had been smiling. Those smiles merged into shit-eating grins and concluded as decorative baring of teeth. and I can't help but wonder, what would have happened if this had been like the movies? Well, as a woman, I wouldn't have had a desk to lose but imagine our conversation would have been much wittier, while making lovely comments about each others questionable parentage and then one of us would have to shoot the other in an illegal duel. (sorry, all I know is what I read in those georgette heyer regency romances). As it is, I think that guy is pushy and he probably thinks I'm inconvenient. But hey, at least we can both still smile about it.


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