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everybody loves paris...

well, its series of happy coincidences these last couple of days (though I am personally a big fan of synchronicity).

I've been trying this positive thinking thing out for a couple of days, which worked out really well after *someone* mentioned that bracelet thing. (that would be swapping a bracelet from one hand to another every time you complain - and I totally got a bracelet out of it!) Positiveness everywhere.

I also read "Why Can't You Shut Up" by Anthony Wolf. This was another library browsing find that I picked up mainly because of the title. Of course when I told the loml about it, he just gave me this significant look. Which I didn't think was that nice of him.

but, hurt feelings aside, I read the book anyway. And hey, did you know that I'm a pretty selfish person? Damn these self-help books! but I finished the book; it was totally great and I recommend.

What I do not recommend is "Bone to Pick - of forgiveness, reconciliation, reparation, and revenge" by Ellis Cose. I think my local library just dorked up the dewey decimal on this one, cause its not really a self-help book. What its really about how victims deal with the aftermath of 'bad things'. Now, at first i thought it would be ok, cause 'bad stuff' happens in all relationships.. Unfortunately, the 'bad stuff' in this book is stuff like genocide, torture, apartheid, and a huge variety of war crimes. yikes.. thanks but no thanks.. I did not marry a third world dictator.

on a side note: Can't anyone pronounce 'panache' correctly these days! Seriously!


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