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gaming heaven

I think I'm going to have to buy wii fit with balance board. I know when I first saw their ads, I was pretty frickin' unimpressed (much like the people who made this video). My dear Nutter Butter has had one ever since it was possible to get one, and I recall thinking at the time "I already do yoga! What do I need a $90 scale-thingy for?"

That's not to say i was never going to buy one. I was just waiting for the right game to come along. Like, you know how when the wii first came out, how everyone loved playing wii sports and all those ridiculously fun party games like cow racing? those games were fun, but nothing to build a obsession around. Even paper mario, which was kind of neat, still didn't inspire me. It wasn't until Mario Galaxy came out, when I truly felt the call to start building a small piece of my life around the wii. Cause that was the first game, in my opinion, that really utilized the features of the wii and wii-motes really well.

so yeah, I'll admit it, when i first saw that balance board, the thought that crossed my mind was "ooh.. i can't wait til they make a game that let's me kill things with that sucker!"

hehehe - but hey! my yoga teacher says that it really brings more awareness to her yoga..


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