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well, I've been doing stuff that's for sure.

1) the loml and I were taking a constitutional around our local town center when we stopped at the local AT&T store. About 45 minutes later, he had a nifty Sony Eriksson phone and I was in possession of a sparkly new iPhone.

Oh the iPhone. I was in love. It's finally affordable and my addiction to the Internet is complete. At least it was until the reality of AT&T's 3G network hit (and now I understand what the salesman at the store was trying to warn me about). My iPhone was doing great until I noticed that I couldn't always access data services. I have plenty of signal and the 3G icon is always willing to lie to me and say it's there. But the truth is that for two days straight now, I have been unable to get on the Internet, use google maps, access the app store, login to aim, you name it and I can't do it between 9am and noonish from my work location.

Believe me, it's not my fault (I spent an hour resetting the phone and twiddling the settings). Live and learn. I hear that 3G network upgrades in my area should be complete in three months which equals a year and a half in real time.

2) Aveda - my friend Christian is pretty intrigued with their products and lately, I've been a little curious myself. So on the way to the apple store yesterday, I stopped in the aveda store and purchased some lipstick. I don't have much luck with the stuff; I always seem to buy stuff that's the same color as my lips so what's the point? Well, as the saleslady thoughtfully pointed out, as I was protesting a trial sample "isn't it a bit dark?", the problem was me. I just needed to get used to seeing a different color on my face otherwise I was doomed to puchase ineffectual lip colors for life. Ahhh, the moment of enlightenment can be painful. Well, I took her advice and walked around the rest of the day wearing the sample. And then I bought some. I feel so pretty!

3) where to draw the line by anne katherine. I borrowed this from the library yesterday while browsing the self-help section. What a great book about identifying and enforcing appropriate boundries in your relationships, casual or otherwise. If you're trying to figure out when it's appropriate to tell people to back-off, this book is for you.

4) crystal film - as the loml has noticed, I've been spending an awful lot of time polishing my iPhone. But I am not crazy! There's an awful lot of crap out there that you can buy to accessorize your new accessory, but I'm not falling for it. Silicone cases garner dust and I don't think I'll need a metal protective armor suit for the phone just yet, thanks. The crystal films are awesome. They make it look just like you don't have anything on the phone even to the point of getting a million smudges on it. The salesman told me that alot of people actually return the crystal film and buy the anti-glare version for that reason. Which is funny because I was returning the anti-glare film in exchange for the crystal set. Anti-glare just wasn't shiny enough.

So that's it for me. Feel free to e-mail me or aim me more since I'm ALWAYS online now except for when 3G don't let me. And did I mention that the shiny apple logo on the back of my phone is perfect for checking my lipstick? Life is good.

Note* normally I would have linked each of the items to a webpage, but Suprise! The iPhone doesn't do cut-n-paste! And you know I'm not typing in some of those URL'sby hand.


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