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i'm tired

for the first time in about seven months, I put in a full day's work. And man, do I feel tired. I suppose I might not be used to it anymore.. or maybe it's that half pack of gum I chewed through at the end of the day. Upon reflection, I probably should have had breakfast. Maybe tomorrow.

Being at work again is kind of neat. There are all these things that I had forgotten about. Like having nice co-workers. This is the best thing ever about work. I also have a great fondness for office supplies.

Then there are the challenges. Like the people who think nothing of having a discussion, right in the middle of my team's cube area. But, we are wise professionals now.. Two of us put on headphones, someone else just cranked up his phone/mp3 player, and I have no idea what the zen master in the corner did, but I have no doubt he worked through it.

And after my months on sabbatical, contemplating the nature of my life and attending a meditation retreat, i was a little surprised at my reactions to things. When my pc kept locking me out every three seconds after I logged in (about 10 times in a row) I got mad. I smacked my mouse into my desk several times. BUT then, it was over and i was calm and able to call the help desk for assistance.

so its been pretty neat so far.


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