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this one is for the women.

So, I like to go jogging on Saturday's. Its almost strange because I've hated running for years but now, I go every Saturday out to the local trail. I guess the endorphins have finally got to me. The nice thing about the trail is that its pretty busy, so you don't have to worry about getting mugged and you can nod at people going the opposite direction. I don't usually spend a lot of time looking at other people because i think of running as being a very me-centric thing. I'm the one who's out there and I'm trying to listen to myself.. though its always a good exercise to extend that awareness out to the trail as well. In the spring, I try not to squish the millions of fuzzy caterpillars that cross the way. Sometimes, I see weird animals too.

But the last couple of times were different because I finally bought a sports bra that fit. And after going out and seeing some of the other women on the trail, I really have to say something. Ladies! regular sports bras are made for A/B cups. And if you are bigger than that then you should really really spend the extra $20 and get the ones for your C/D cup and up! There is some great stuff out there that I found at my local running store and REI (the most amazing place on earth - this week).

Moving Comfort (these guys will sell up to DD - i guess if its more than that, you aren't supposed to run?):

  • Fiona - I own one of these in black. It is AWESOME. Its got adjustable straps and a three hook closure in the back. I know the picture of this white one looks dorky, but trust me, in black it totally looks great and just like a normal sports bra (instead of some kind of super-engineered support device).

  • Phoebe - This one is the best looking sports bra out there (IMHO). It was also one of the cheapest and it works great. I had to go a band size up to avoid uni-boob but I took this one running as well and its AWESOME!

Under Armour - Endure: I didn't buy this one but I almost did. Unfortunately, at $40+ per bra, I could only justify owning two, so this one went back on the rack. This still doesn't negate how AWESOME it is. If you need something to strap you down comfortably, then you should check it out.

A final note:
Working out is much more fun when your support garments fit. So invest in yourself and check out your local REI if you want to try some on.


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