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my hands

well, i've been washing with soap for about a week now and i think i may have to stop because my hands are killing me. Washing my body with soap was ok. I got clean and my skin seems to be fine. but washing my hair with soap is something else.

On the positive side, its nice to be able to have only one bottle of cleanser to do both (except my face - that's a whole nother topic). but getting the amount of soap right for my hair was tricky. I know guys who do this pretty easily but i do have a significant length of hair. The first two times, I used too little soap so by the time I got around to my third hair washing, i really had to get it right (I only wash my hair every few days - any more than that is usually bad for me).

and now, i think my hair is clean, but the amount of soap I used has totally killed the skin on my hands. oy! i can think of so many much more fun experiments I've tried. like the "what can i eat with easy cheese?" one... Even the three-day juice fast was better than this.

I have a sneaking suspicion my next experiment is going to involve me heading to an Aveda lifestyle store...


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