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right speech

So lately I've been working on right speech, in the buddhist context. To get pithy, it means I should only say something if its helpful, true, and its the right time to say something. You can go a long ways with this, but I thought I'd tell this story instead.

I was at a social gathering and it was a lot of fun. The company was excellent; everyone was really nice and we were relaxing and chatting along. And then one of the people said (and you know this one), "I heard this story about a person who did < insert weird incident here > ...".

And I immediately thought two things (ok, three things):
1) this is the kind of thing that right speech warns us against. Its a story about someone you don't know doing something that might not be true. right? this is one of those friend of a friend's brothers roommate's uncle things that you inevitably discover is fake on snopes.com

2) I am the one who told this story to this person first! like three months ago! and they don't remember that I'm the one who told it!

3) Damn! my stories SUCK! and it did. I always think I'm passing along some kind of "news of the weird" item, but when I heard someone else tell it.. it just sounded ugly and depressing.



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