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she devil

if you watched 'Jerry Springer' then you know this topic (actually if you watched Jerry, then you know I could be ready to talk anything from erotic vomiting to "which of these 6 men is my baby daddy"). but I'm talking about rather common one that you could see on almost every episode. Its the "my man cheated on me with you, so now I'm gonna git you bish!".

which always makes me wonder, "Why aren't these two women trying to bobbit the man in question?" He's pretty guilty here as well, if not the most guilty person on stage. But instead, we get this woman-on-woman hate crime. I'm thinking about this today cause I just saw "Working Girl" on tv. I think you will recall its the movie where Melanie Griffith plays Sigourney Weaver's secretary, and she comes up with this great business idea. Sigourney steals her idea and the rest of movie involves Melanie Griffith in a successful overcome and overthrow maneuver. I used to love this movie. but as I watched it today, I realized a couple of things.

1) Sigourney Weaver's character gets humiliated by the "Man Group" at the end. Yes, she was bad, but so bad that it required multiple smirking male execs treating her like trash? She's the only powerful female figure in the movie and it has to end with disrespect? If she had been a man, she would have been shot or arrested or something... but this?

2) Melanie Griffith is rewarded with an entry level job. Wow! this is great. Her character pulls off an amazing business deal; one that clearly blows away Harrison Ford's character who has had a career in this area. And what does she get?? An entry-level job?? damn me with faint praise.

So after thinking about it awhile, the only movie I can recall that deals with this topic in what I consider to be satisfactory manner is 'She-Devil'. Who can beat this Roseanne Barr revenge-athon?! After her jerk-husband leaves her for Merly Streep, Roseanne's character systematically destroys everything of value her husband possessed. Not once does she get distracted! Meryl Streep's character even makes it out ok.

"Working Girl" was made in 1988 and "She-Devil" in 1989, so its not like we are dealing with radically different cultures here. And I realize that "Working Girl" is actually a woman betraying another woman, but what was the point of that? To show that a strong woman trying to claw her way to the top has to be punished? At least "She-Devil" shows that a strong woman can start a successful business and empower other women, while taking down her enemies!

I know which one I prefer.


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