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stupid light fixture

My stupid light fixture.

I need to replace the chandelier light fixture thingy in the dining room. So I went to home depot and got a smackin' good deal on a 3 bulb pendant fixture. Especially good cause Home Depot had mis-labeled the price so they sold it to me for the cheaper price.

So I marched home with my prize and a few days later decided to install the sucker. Now, I am totally in favor of people attempting their own home projects. I think we should always try these things just to see that sometimes, they aren't as hard as you think they are. As long as you're safe (a.k.a. turning off the breakers) there isn't much you aren't going to lose besides your time and temper.

So, I'm highly confident about installing this light fixture until...

I notice that some highly intelligent person somewhere has implemented an "EASY ATTACHMENT" thing that supposed to make the electrical connections easier. WTF!?? Easier!?!?!? If you've ever installed a ceiling fan, electrical socket, light fixture, or thermostat, then you know! YOU KNOW that there are basically three connections. Hot, neutral, and ground.. a.k.a. Black, White, and Green. yes, i know.. sometimes we get reds and blues but whatever. My point is that its not really that hard to make a connection with a those little plastic electrical caps.

Its so easy that your 5-year old could do it. really.. but whatever, some one some where decided that I needed an EASY ATTACHMENT. whatever.

so the easy attachment is basically a plastic female piece that you feed the house wires into. and then you plug in the male piece that connects to the actual light fixture. voila. easy.

except that for some reason, its hard to feed the house wires into the EASY thing. all they give me is a hole to FIRMLY push the wire into. uhmm ok.. why is this easier than using a wiring cap again?

and sure enough.. when all is said and done, the damn light isn't turning on and I'm pretty sure that its because the wire connections aren't actually connected. Sooo easy!!!


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