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the teen years

through the glory of netflix, I find myself once again on the odd end of the movie spectrum. The latest piece of amazingness to make its way across my television is "Eagle vs Shark". I have no idea why or when I put this on my netflix list but it showed up about a month ago in my mailbox, and I finally got around to watching it.

and i realize my commentary is better placed on the netflix or imdb sites, but I have to tell you. This movie was like the love-child of "Napoleon Dynamite" and "8 mile".. and I never thought that was possible.

Its the love story of the true geek and when I say that, I am totally mean like that video those LARPing geeks in the forest ('Lighting bolt! Lighting bolt'). Anyways, it was really hard to make it through the first 15 minutes of the movie. but the funny parts kept getting genuinely funnier (actually, i just watched a preview for it, and I'm still cracking up)

So if you have a thing for sundance films out of New Zealand, i recommend (besides, the last time you had a chance to see maori actors was in 'the piano' and the accents are waay better in this one.)


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