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October 1, 2008

civic duty

so I was just reading the latest "harshing" of Palin where she explains that homosexuality is a choice and that she's a feminist because she got to go play in the woods and hunt when growing up. I'm not going further than that, but the whole thing did inspire me to check out some items on google.

1. We (the united states) have had about 42 presidents give or take a couple of grover clevelands.

2. We have had 14 vice-presidents who became president, at least half of those after the president 'expired'.

Sooo, this can go a lot of ways. But wouldn't it be weird to be sitting around one election year and feel no reservations about voting for a woman because you already saw the worst? Assuming the financiapocolypse doesn't leave us in mad max.

October 9, 2008


i noticed that i hadn't posted anything lately.. and I'm sorry about that.

but I just really started working, and if you can believe it, a lot of my righteous outrage has been sapped. so, no new postings.

but I'm here now, so here is some random info:

1) for halloween, i'm probably going to be an airline stewardess "Can I help you with that, sir?"
2) Milla Jovovich is a better actress than I think people give her credit for. and if you want to see her in something where she's really trying, watch "Dummy" with Adrien Brody and Vera Farmiga. This is a bad movie. I don't really recommend it, but it does have a happy ending.
3) I think education should be free, but not necessarily easy. Otherwise, how are people going to be able to learn about things that they really want to learn? or in other words, do you really thing shelling out bunches of money for your kids to go to school and stay in really nice dorm rooms is working?

well, i'm all tapped out for incredible insight. see youse guys later.

October 11, 2008

that liberal media

I swear, the liberal media really lights me up sometimes.

I was watching tv with some family this evening, and we thought we'd check out the financial channels to see if someone was covering the current financiapocalype. For some reason, all CNBC was showing were financial lifestyle tips on how to get out of debt, or educating people on their financial rights. bah! but eventually we found Fox News which had a special report on what had caused the current financial crisis.

Oh Thank You Fox News! as they repeatedly informed me, the background workings of this crisis were so complex "that not even a room full of Ph.Ds could understand it", so they weren't even going to try. Excellent. Spoon-feed me more David Asman!

As it turns out, this mess is totally Obama's fault. Evidently Obama had once represented some totally evil community group (ACORN) in a disenfranchisment law suit. And since ACORN practically forced banks to issue loans to these completely disreputable lower class citizens (they wanted to be home owners - the nerve!), Fox News totally proves that its all Obama's fault.

and they must be telling the truth, since they keep showing all these sources from the Wall Street Journal. hey... isn't the Wall Street Journal owned by the same people who own Fox News? I don't know.. Fox News certainly didn't mention it.. it must not be important.

oh, where have you gone Noam Chomsky?!!!

October 14, 2008

my Second life is also lame

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Second Life (SL). I've always been fascinated by the bits and pieces I hear about it in the news and from friends. (if you don't know what Second Life is, you can read about it here), but mainly its an online VR world whose main distinction from the other ones seems to be that its currency actually can exchange for real dollars. And I don't mean by selling characters on ebay or that crap. SL also has a scripting language that you can make items out of and even sell if you want to. People get rich being real estate developers in SL. The whole thing is surreal in a very real way.

So last night, i was bored. really really bored. The internet hadn't really been interesting for the last couple of weeks, so I caved. I opened an account in SL (which I swore I would never do. I'm not interesting in talking to people, I don't want to make new friends, I think the acronym MMORPG is ridiculous). but, i was really bored. and you can't underestimate the things people do for no good reason at all.

So I got an account and a base model avatar. I spent the next hour fiddling with my body proportions, changing outfits, and getting my hair and nose to an acceptable representation. I flew around Help Island (where all the new people are) and interacted with things. I talked to a helpful mentor type person and learned stuff. After a bit, I logged off so that I could read through the scripting language guide, and that was when the loml came in. and he said "What have you been doing?"

So I told him all about how I'd been futzing around the internet, doing stuff.

"Second Life! Oh No! No, baby! you are not playing that!"

and when i asked why, he said that if I started playing, then I would become one of those people who never detached from the computer and would instead spent all my time screwing around online.. and that would I spend all my money buying hats for 50 cents.

and I said, no I wouldn't be buying hats for 50 cents because I could probably make my own hats. I'd already made my own jacket and shoes and...

But still with the no, no, no. So I asked how we were supposed to get in on the "Snow Crash" and cyberpunk if we didn't play Second Life. but sadly, the loml doesn't believe that the way to cyberpunk is in second life.

so I started to whine and miffle and all that other stuff, which caused the loml to go all out and threaten to start playing World of Warcraft, and then wouldn't I be sorry. Now honestly, I don't really think I would lose in this scenario but at a minimum we would be looking at a solution of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction - have I ever mentioned how much i enjoy virtually killing things?).. so I backed off.

and that is why you won't be seeing me (or my amazingly fantastic avatar Ivlia Constantine) on Second Life.

October 21, 2008

monkey butts

i just went through a fantastic yoga class. Today we focused on shoulder and kidney loops, which is one way of saying that my back and torso areas were in fantastic alignment for at least an hour. and since my instructor was also feeling a little pre-winter moodiness, we all gave each other a 5 minute back massage for the hell of it.

now i just paid for a professional massage on Sunday and it was pretty good, but my back and shoulders are fantastic now. So on that note, I'd like to tell a couple of stories and you can decide which one applies more to you right now.

Two monks were traveling across the land. They were on their way to a neighboring monastery and the path brought them to a river, which they needed to cross. Owing to some recent rains, the river was a little higher than normal and they saw a young woman in distress at the water's edge. She was upset because there was no way to cross the river without getting her outfit wet. So one of the monks said, "Get up on my back and I will carry you over the river". His fellow monk gave him a look but said nothing and they all crossed the river.

Once they reached the other side, the monk let the woman down and she went on her way. The two monks resumed their journey. The monk who had carried the woman seemed calm and at ease but his brother monk was seething internally. Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed and finally, the furious monk lost it.

"How could you touch that woman!? I can't believe you let her get on your back!?? What would Buddha Think about your behavior!???"

and the other monk said, "Brother, I left that woman by the side of the river. But it seems that you are still carrying her."

and if that was too much for you, then this one is shorter:

The office is like a tree full of monkeys. When you are at the top of the tree and look down, all you see are smiling monkey faces. But sometimes you are at the bottom of the tree, looking up. And then all you see are monkey assholes.

October 22, 2008

things that you love

i was futzing around with some eye makeup the other day when I started wondering if I was using the stuff right. I know many of you may think, "it goes on your eyes, stupid" and still even more of you are thinking "make up? for your eyes??".

but that's not the point. The point is that I wound up googling the stuff.. and what I found were about a bajillion instructional videos on the youtubes about makeup. And not just how to put the stuff on, but everything! People who would paint half their faces with one brand and use another on the rest of their face (all day!) and then cam-cordered it as some kind of proof of product bench testing! and the most amazing thing was the camera quality! most of it was crap! can you believe this? I can't tell half of their make up tips because the video quality is so poor. and yet they persist. leading me to conclude that if you are really passionate about something these days, it isn't real until you make a youtube video about it.

soo.. i thought about it and decided that I was going to Youtube grammar lessons. You know? I'd start with a classic word.. like defenestrate.. and then I'd use it in a really awful sentence like, "Joe never thought much about his life, until he was defenestrated."

oh yeah... youTube success was sure to be mine. until i discovered that I didn't have any video editing software lying around and my plans ground to a halt. Just cause I have a terrible idea doesn't mean it has to be badly produced as well.

a preview of tomorrow's blog entry: My love affair with Fu-Manchu!

October 23, 2008


so this evening I was settling down with a glass of wine and some crackers with EZ cheese. Its not the fanciest wine in the world and the only other type of cheese I have in the house is vegan, so EZ cheese wins (though now I am thinking that its probably not even real cheese, but whatever).

So I'm taking a break from folding clothes when my wonderful dad sends me an e-mail about how Obama is going to tax all home greater than 2400 sq ft.

now, a couple of things:
1) My dad is amazing and I love him a lot.. but I do recall several years of my life where he kept referring to Bill Clinton as "and do you know what your president clinton just did?" Suffice to say, we aren't exactly on the same political bandwagon.

2) this kind of e-mail really pisses me off cause I can tell its some kind of insidious message that says, "let's stop being rational and start getting scared. Don't you like your money? Money is good! Obama wants to take your money away! Obama BAD. (sorry Dad, but I am happy to take your advice on anything else).

So then I fire off this snappy little e-mail to my father (sorry again Dad) suggesting that responsible people pay taxes for the greater good of the community. And no sooner that after hitting send, hindsight hits like a tonne of bricks.

I have no idea where my tax money goes. I hope it goes to pay for school teacher salaries and disaster relief and policemen and new roads... but somehow, in my heart, I have feeling that it doesn't really. Somewhere, I suspect it actually pays for overpriced government contracts and unregulated congressional spending that I really can't think too much about before I get really angry.

but our forefathers paid taxes. we have an independent country because of taxes. and yet, why do I feel that paying taxes is like being in a really shitty large corporation where the executives are making out like bandits??

damn... the wine is making me maudlin.

(yes yes, i know this entry was supposed to be about Fu Manchu.. maybe later)

note* The lovely and intelligent fratchling (see comment below) sent me this link to the Treasury Press Room featuring Budget Results for 2008

October 25, 2008


I admit, I'm a bit vain (or maybe a lot vain - whatever), but I like to think that I'm keeping it real. I haven't had any botox or plastic surgery or any wacky body mutilation or modifications to increase my aesthetic value in society. No doubt this will change as I get older but for now, I get to sit pretty with the rest of the "still kinda young" crowd.

Though, about a year ago I did notice some changes. Right at the front of my hairline, almost in the center of my bangs, three white hairs had sprouted. Not just greyish or faded, but blatantly WHITE. as in "here I AM! YEah".

that kind of white. but I took it in stride. I was in the last year of what had become a moderately hellaciously stressful job. I figured those three hairs were some kind of testament to my ordeal and I decided that I loved them. Sadly, my new affair did not sit well with the loml. He apparently has a vendetta against these kinds of things and I would often turn around to catch him reaching out towards my head, mid-attempt a sneaky plucking job. eek!

but, I like these hairs. They hang out together and I was hoping that maybe it would be the start of a distinctive white streak.. cool, you know?

until today, when I was combing out my hair before my shower.. and I saw IT! Another white hair! but this little bastard had the nerve to set in 2 inches back from my left temple, about 4 clear inches away from the established settlement! and not only was it defying me with its presence, but it was also pretty long! This little guerrilla hair had been hanging out for a while.

I almost plucked the offending hair, but didn't. After all, there might be more of them, and I hate to take on a losing battle.

October 28, 2008

i think i'm turning japanese

well, I'm pretty fried today. I'm so stressed that my shoulders are hiked up practically to my earlobes, so writing a full entry may be a bit much. I've decided to haiku it instead:

These are all about work:

feeling stupid now
never gets old here. at least
its warm and cleanish.

i like my dress but
it doesn't like me. Why must
you wrinkle all over?

everyone is so nice.
but no one really listens.
Just bobbing heads! eek!

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