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monkey butts

i just went through a fantastic yoga class. Today we focused on shoulder and kidney loops, which is one way of saying that my back and torso areas were in fantastic alignment for at least an hour. and since my instructor was also feeling a little pre-winter moodiness, we all gave each other a 5 minute back massage for the hell of it.

now i just paid for a professional massage on Sunday and it was pretty good, but my back and shoulders are fantastic now. So on that note, I'd like to tell a couple of stories and you can decide which one applies more to you right now.

Two monks were traveling across the land. They were on their way to a neighboring monastery and the path brought them to a river, which they needed to cross. Owing to some recent rains, the river was a little higher than normal and they saw a young woman in distress at the water's edge. She was upset because there was no way to cross the river without getting her outfit wet. So one of the monks said, "Get up on my back and I will carry you over the river". His fellow monk gave him a look but said nothing and they all crossed the river.

Once they reached the other side, the monk let the woman down and she went on her way. The two monks resumed their journey. The monk who had carried the woman seemed calm and at ease but his brother monk was seething internally. Five minutes passed, ten minutes passed and finally, the furious monk lost it.

"How could you touch that woman!? I can't believe you let her get on your back!?? What would Buddha Think about your behavior!???"

and the other monk said, "Brother, I left that woman by the side of the river. But it seems that you are still carrying her."

and if that was too much for you, then this one is shorter:

The office is like a tree full of monkeys. When you are at the top of the tree and look down, all you see are smiling monkey faces. But sometimes you are at the bottom of the tree, looking up. And then all you see are monkey assholes.


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