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my Second life is also lame

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Second Life (SL). I've always been fascinated by the bits and pieces I hear about it in the news and from friends. (if you don't know what Second Life is, you can read about it here), but mainly its an online VR world whose main distinction from the other ones seems to be that its currency actually can exchange for real dollars. And I don't mean by selling characters on ebay or that crap. SL also has a scripting language that you can make items out of and even sell if you want to. People get rich being real estate developers in SL. The whole thing is surreal in a very real way.

So last night, i was bored. really really bored. The internet hadn't really been interesting for the last couple of weeks, so I caved. I opened an account in SL (which I swore I would never do. I'm not interesting in talking to people, I don't want to make new friends, I think the acronym MMORPG is ridiculous). but, i was really bored. and you can't underestimate the things people do for no good reason at all.

So I got an account and a base model avatar. I spent the next hour fiddling with my body proportions, changing outfits, and getting my hair and nose to an acceptable representation. I flew around Help Island (where all the new people are) and interacted with things. I talked to a helpful mentor type person and learned stuff. After a bit, I logged off so that I could read through the scripting language guide, and that was when the loml came in. and he said "What have you been doing?"

So I told him all about how I'd been futzing around the internet, doing stuff.

"Second Life! Oh No! No, baby! you are not playing that!"

and when i asked why, he said that if I started playing, then I would become one of those people who never detached from the computer and would instead spent all my time screwing around online.. and that would I spend all my money buying hats for 50 cents.

and I said, no I wouldn't be buying hats for 50 cents because I could probably make my own hats. I'd already made my own jacket and shoes and...

But still with the no, no, no. So I asked how we were supposed to get in on the "Snow Crash" and cyberpunk if we didn't play Second Life. but sadly, the loml doesn't believe that the way to cyberpunk is in second life.

so I started to whine and miffle and all that other stuff, which caused the loml to go all out and threaten to start playing World of Warcraft, and then wouldn't I be sorry. Now honestly, I don't really think I would lose in this scenario but at a minimum we would be looking at a solution of M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction - have I ever mentioned how much i enjoy virtually killing things?).. so I backed off.

and that is why you won't be seeing me (or my amazingly fantastic avatar Ivlia Constantine) on Second Life.


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