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I admit, I'm a bit vain (or maybe a lot vain - whatever), but I like to think that I'm keeping it real. I haven't had any botox or plastic surgery or any wacky body mutilation or modifications to increase my aesthetic value in society. No doubt this will change as I get older but for now, I get to sit pretty with the rest of the "still kinda young" crowd.

Though, about a year ago I did notice some changes. Right at the front of my hairline, almost in the center of my bangs, three white hairs had sprouted. Not just greyish or faded, but blatantly WHITE. as in "here I AM! YEah".

that kind of white. but I took it in stride. I was in the last year of what had become a moderately hellaciously stressful job. I figured those three hairs were some kind of testament to my ordeal and I decided that I loved them. Sadly, my new affair did not sit well with the loml. He apparently has a vendetta against these kinds of things and I would often turn around to catch him reaching out towards my head, mid-attempt a sneaky plucking job. eek!

but, I like these hairs. They hang out together and I was hoping that maybe it would be the start of a distinctive white streak.. cool, you know?

until today, when I was combing out my hair before my shower.. and I saw IT! Another white hair! but this little bastard had the nerve to set in 2 inches back from my left temple, about 4 clear inches away from the established settlement! and not only was it defying me with its presence, but it was also pretty long! This little guerrilla hair had been hanging out for a while.

I almost plucked the offending hair, but didn't. After all, there might be more of them, and I hate to take on a losing battle.


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