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i noticed that i hadn't posted anything lately.. and I'm sorry about that.

but I just really started working, and if you can believe it, a lot of my righteous outrage has been sapped. so, no new postings.

but I'm here now, so here is some random info:

1) for halloween, i'm probably going to be an airline stewardess "Can I help you with that, sir?"
2) Milla Jovovich is a better actress than I think people give her credit for. and if you want to see her in something where she's really trying, watch "Dummy" with Adrien Brody and Vera Farmiga. This is a bad movie. I don't really recommend it, but it does have a happy ending.
3) I think education should be free, but not necessarily easy. Otherwise, how are people going to be able to learn about things that they really want to learn? or in other words, do you really thing shelling out bunches of money for your kids to go to school and stay in really nice dorm rooms is working?

well, i'm all tapped out for incredible insight. see youse guys later.


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