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that liberal media

I swear, the liberal media really lights me up sometimes.

I was watching tv with some family this evening, and we thought we'd check out the financial channels to see if someone was covering the current financiapocalype. For some reason, all CNBC was showing were financial lifestyle tips on how to get out of debt, or educating people on their financial rights. bah! but eventually we found Fox News which had a special report on what had caused the current financial crisis.

Oh Thank You Fox News! as they repeatedly informed me, the background workings of this crisis were so complex "that not even a room full of Ph.Ds could understand it", so they weren't even going to try. Excellent. Spoon-feed me more David Asman!

As it turns out, this mess is totally Obama's fault. Evidently Obama had once represented some totally evil community group (ACORN) in a disenfranchisment law suit. And since ACORN practically forced banks to issue loans to these completely disreputable lower class citizens (they wanted to be home owners - the nerve!), Fox News totally proves that its all Obama's fault.

and they must be telling the truth, since they keep showing all these sources from the Wall Street Journal. hey... isn't the Wall Street Journal owned by the same people who own Fox News? I don't know.. Fox News certainly didn't mention it.. it must not be important.

oh, where have you gone Noam Chomsky?!!!


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