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i was futzing around with some eye makeup the other day when I started wondering if I was using the stuff right. I know many of you may think, "it goes on your eyes, stupid" and still even more of you are thinking "make up? for your eyes??".

but that's not the point. The point is that I wound up googling the stuff.. and what I found were about a bajillion instructional videos on the youtubes about makeup. And not just how to put the stuff on, but everything! People who would paint half their faces with one brand and use another on the rest of their face (all day!) and then cam-cordered it as some kind of proof of product bench testing! and the most amazing thing was the camera quality! most of it was crap! can you believe this? I can't tell half of their make up tips because the video quality is so poor. and yet they persist. leading me to conclude that if you are really passionate about something these days, it isn't real until you make a youtube video about it.

soo.. i thought about it and decided that I was going to Youtube grammar lessons. You know? I'd start with a classic word.. like defenestrate.. and then I'd use it in a really awful sentence like, "Joe never thought much about his life, until he was defenestrated."

oh yeah... youTube success was sure to be mine. until i discovered that I didn't have any video editing software lying around and my plans ground to a halt. Just cause I have a terrible idea doesn't mean it has to be badly produced as well.

a preview of tomorrow's blog entry: My love affair with Fu-Manchu!


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