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November 1, 2008

election daze

well, i did it. I managed to sneak in on the last day of absentee voting in my state. And man, was that line long. Voting opened at 9am; I got there at 9:30am, and I finally got to vote at noon.

yep, 2 and a half hours to absentee vote. But i made friendly with the people in line around me and we were all in reasonably good spirits.

so i got my little sticker and I'm ready for Tuesday. Let's go - Obama!

November 2, 2008

not dead yet

As we hit a seasonal change, highlighted by the end of daylight savings (yes* if you haven't moved the big hand back by one, go do it now), I find myself wondering, "What am I doing?" In general, in specific..

I was looking at these crazily intricate dolls made by Canadian (russian) artist Marina Bychkova. Her website has tonnes of pictures (NSFW?) and I wound up looking at all of them. and I think that this is a woman probably knows what she's doing right now.

earlier today, i tried to convince the loml that I would support him if he wanted to quit his job and attempt a career as a professional poker player. He didn't go for it, but I really wanted at least one of us to really be doing something.

so I guess the short of it, is that I'm bored.. again... I'll let you all know when I figure something out. Until then, I'm probably going to be donating as much of my material possessions to Goodwill as possible.

November 4, 2008

the election


ok - i started out half an hour ago watching Fox "News" and eating a tub of slow-churned double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. its amazing how Fox "News" is pretending to be an unbiased new organization. They even had Rick Santorum on (which I still can't help snickering about).

now i've ditched the ice cream, cause I don't need it. hmm.. Pennsylvania is leaning democrat. I've changed to CBS. They have a much better looking display than Fox and they've got John Glenn on to comment.

hmm, alabama has gone for McCain but evidently Oprah has already picked out a dress for the Obama inauguration ball. well everyone that was it. As you know, its Oprah's world; we merely live in it. I'm now checking in with NBC. Their election display looks alot like CBS but they also have a bar graph - oooh!

man, waiting for the results is boring. I'm checking out ABC, who now wins for the worst looking election coverage ever. They have a lame-ass ticker at the bottom and Rudy Guiliani as the commentor.. fan-tas-tic..

ok - i can either watch 'The Grudge II' or check out CNN. I've already seen that movie, soo... wow. CNN has just about every graphical representation of election results possible and is flashing them all at the bottom of the screen. colored maps, percentage bars, numbers, and some weird winged volume meter thing.. dang! and they have Anderson Cooper (who needs no explanatory link).

ooh - and beating out every news organization out there is some mystery station called TV-1 who has called Obama the winner based on the PA results.

ah, mccain just took georgia but its his 76 to Obama's 174. I can't believe they aren't willing to call Louisiana yet. If they go blue, I'll probably shit twice and die.

well well well. ohio has gone to obama as per fox "news" with 9% reporting (nbc and cbs won't commit yet). hmmm.. and they are saying its practically over. maybe i can go to bed early tonight.

oh there it is. Louisiana is red. looks like I'll live to see the inevitable voting machine scandals tomorrow.

and there goes new mexico and CBS has called the race over. If I can just hear about VA and I'll be done. and speaking of, Virginia has 79% reporting and its a deadlock. At this time, I would like to take a moment for every one of you dipshits who has ever stated that one vote won't make a difference to think about this and feel bad about yourself. right now. feel shame.

CNN has just called the race for Obama. Well, that's almost all the news orgs. and it looks like I'm not going to find out what the Virginia race is doing before I go to bed.

so good night everyone. Who ever wins, I'm sure the next few months aren't going to be fun.

November 7, 2008

the yellow brick road

well i know i haven't posted in the last couple of days, but after that election, what news was there to be had?

though, this throwing Palin under the bus thing is pretty distasteful. Way to have class people.

So first things first: This is a pretty neat game (if you are bored and looking for things to click around).

And next, I am off to the mountains this weekend for a women's yoga retreat. At first blush, it seemed pretty gloomy. The mountains are going to be cold and I'm not very familiar with 'power yoga'. But all is not lost. A last minute e-mail came out reminding us to bring our swimsuits as there is a hot tub! YES! Hot Tub! I love yoga retreats!

The loml has given me full permission to 'get friendly' with the other women. Somehow, I don't think he means that we should run away and become nuns of the mountain, but we'll see. I'll let you all know how it goes when I get back.

November 9, 2008

i am the cheese

Well, I made it back from my yoga retreat and boy, are my legs tired!

so actually, the weekend was kind of funny. I found out about this retreat through a friend who had attended a couple of classes at a vinyasa power yoga studio. She liked it so much that she wanted to try to their women's yoga retreat and asked if I wanted to go as well. I actually had no idea what Vinyasa style yoga was, but I've been doing Anusara style yoga for several years so I figured it would be ok.

ha ha - bwahahahahahaha.. ohh yeah.

So we get there and it turns out that not only is Vinyasa (Baptiste) power yoga different, but this was actually a 'Women Warriors' yoga retreat! While I immediately noticed the difference in yoga styles (as we launched into a two and half hour session upon arrival), I actually didn't realize the specific female empowerment focus until the second day when we started the discussion group.

So yes, we talked, we danced, we chanted, we ohmed, and we did a helluva lot of yoga. I know that I need to be humble like a blade of grass, but with a lot of help, I finally made it into this position (which I know I will need to work like crazy to master on my own - note* that is not my picture).

It was a fantastic weekend largely due to the following:

1) My amazing fellow attendees - thank you all!
2) Our incredible instructor, Gopi Kinnicutt (who kept pushing me when I tried to slack)
3) The mountains of West Virginia! (wow!)

November 11, 2008

the lost day

I had a pretty good day today. I went to work where we played the music loud. I even danced a little in my cube. I probably can't ask for more than that, since work is work.

so not so much news, I went back to my regular yoga class after the weekend retreat and everything seemed much easier. Of course, I didn't have the instructor coming over and personally making sure that I was pushing my body to the limit, so that probably had something to do with it.

Now many of you may know, I don't watch or read the news. I figure if its important, eventually I'll find out somehow.. So here is what I learned today (call it my version of the news):

On the cage fighting front, phenom Urijah Faber lost his belt to Mike Brown. I never would've picked this one.

World of Warcraft is having a major launch tomorrow night at midnight. Evidently they are making a whole new area available with a bunch of new stuff.. BUT they seem to be having issues as the site went down today and hasn't come back up. Watch out for unhappy elves, people!

well, that's everything I know about the news today. What do you guys think?

November 12, 2008

this is a tiny town

Today I had Seinfeld moment, which I guess is good because I used to go through 'Dilbert' moments. So I'm either maturing or my life is just getting unreal in a different kind of way.

I have one of those co-workers who likes to talk alot, but not actually with you. Just around you and preferably in repetitious sentences while staring of into the distance. And I don't really mind cause there are all kinds of people in this world. but today, as said person was talking in my cube at me, I managed to spill about mouthful (or mouth-less depending on your perspective) of tea down my blouse.

But here is the thing... it didn't land on my blouse, i managed to run in my blouse to my camisole where is proceeded to cause a mini-flood in my decolletage (if you know what I mean - and if you don't then I can't help you).

so there was my seinfeld moment. I was trying to sneak a tissue down my shirt without the blowhard in my cube noticing... because of course, it would've been too damn to easy to just excuse myself and go to the bathroom.

man, i almost miss the dilbert moments

November 14, 2008

bridge to terabithia

ok. What kind of asshole plays 'bridge to terabithia' at 4am?!?

I got up super early this morning because I couldn't sleep. So I fed the cats, changed bubba's water ( our betta ), and then decided to paint my nails while enjoying some tv. And it was pretty good. I watched a great horror movie (darkness with anna paquin), caught some BBC America (cash in the attic). I had finished painting my toes and left hand. So while my nails dried, I thought I'd catch the end of BTT. And about twenty minutes later I was busily bawling into the paper towel I had secured forcleanimg nail polish spills.

Who puts on a movie about a kid whose best friend dies in a terrible accident??? Geeez, I can't handle this kind of thing in the wee hours. Ughhh.

November 18, 2008

life is strange

So for the last couple of days I tried not to get on the Internet so much.. because I figured that I had things that were more valuable to spend my time on. like my friends, the loml, me.. you know, that kind of thing.

and it sort of worked out. If by "worked out" you think of reading regency romance novels!

If I may, a small excerpt of "The Phantom Lover" by Elizabeth Mansfield (which I totally picked out of the free book swap from my local Potbelly sandwich shop, based on the the author's nom de plume and wacky sounding title):
"You must leave Thorndene," said the ghost. Then he added, more gently, "I come to warn you, not to harm you. I may never touch you, any more than a shadow may."

"What does that signify?" Nell asked. "Since you are dead, you can have no need or inclination to touch me anyway."

"You can't know much about men - or ghosts - or how delightful you look in that nightdress, if you believe that," he said with disturbing sincerity...

bwa-hahahahaha!! With distubring sincerity! the ghost said! hohohohohohoh.. so ok, I had to read the thing after that. and I did, i read all 250 pages of it. and as I concluded the book, while the loml was watching "Eastern Promises", I exclaimed:

"There's no sex in this book! There's no sex at all!!!" at which point I discovered it had been published in 1979, which explained why the solitary kissing scene in the book seemed so hyped up.

Dang - Phantom Lover Indeed!

November 20, 2008

I'm trusting you, ma'am

so today, I called my local library up. They had e-mailed me a late notice for a book I had borrowed, a woman's guide to running. but the thing is, i had returned the book at least a week ago.

so i called them up and explained the situation. at which point the library worker said,
"Ma'am. are you sure you returned the book. Or do you want to take a week and look through your home for it?"

and i was a little stung by this. I mean, what is the truth? really?? i know what I think about things, but do any of us really know reality? so, fine then. I was ready to commit. and I said, "ok then, Yes. Yes, I am sure I returned that book last week. so now what do we do?"

and he said, "ok ma'am. I am trusting you."

and I didn't really have a response. so i waited. and when he spoke again, he said he had cleared the book from my record. So I thanked him and hung up.

I think it was one of the weirder conversations I've had with a stranger. The public library runs largely on good will and is subject to any sort of odd abuse. I'll bet a lot more interesting stuff goes on their than we think.

November 22, 2008

something in the water

People talk a lot about the holiday spirit (though this year I've been hearing more about how the christmas sales started before halloween). And I'm willing to agree that there is something magical, no.. perhaps more mystical or just down-right psychotic about this time of year.

Because I believe the biggest problem that americans face is reality (or lack of it). We hide in our cable tv shows, behind our credit card purchases, escape from it in ridiculous cars, and generally prefer to believe that we should behave as we like, and dammit it the world should rearrange itself to accommodate us!

but sadly for us, the world has other people in it and even worse, usually these other people are also americans. so alot of 'reality collisions' can occur. And somehow, with the recession and financiapocolypse going down, I suspect that reality will be swinging back for us with a vengeance. on a side note: Did anybody else see that video of our president (bush himself) getting snubbed at the G20 summit? really sad.

Personally, i've been trying to live more honestly since my 10 day silent meditation retreat retooled my internal thinking parts. but as we head into the end of the year, I can definitely see those bits where I have been less than truthful with myself (the most important person I know, for sure!). and man, all I can hope is that i haven't been too bad, cause it's me paying for it.

November 23, 2008

yoga with the loml

i'm gonna cheat today's blog a bit and post something that I wrote on Facebook already. I know, i know, i can't believe i joined a lame-o social networking site (and for the rest of you - that mySpace page under my name isn't really maintained by me, i swear).

anywho, i don't actually write many posts on facebook, this was sort of an accompaniment to the loml's postings. I'd always thought it'd be kind of neat to have single post with both our perspectives, so maybe someday... meanwhile, here's mine:

well, as some of you may have read, the loml had decided to try yoga classes this last week. Now, I find this whole thing rather thrilling. Not too many ladies can say that their man actually tries this kind of thing, and all the woman in my regular yoga class were slightly envious when I mentioned it.

we had both gone for an intro class last week at a new studio, and I'll admit.. it wasn't that great for me or him. My issue with the class had more to do with the quality of the instructor and the pacing. So I found another studio that had Vinyasa Flow classes, which are supposed to be more invigorating, and the loml went to that. and he liked it!

omg! He liked it enough to go back again (without me). So by now, I was getting a bit curious and today, we both went. The place had only been open a month and was just holding open classes for all levels of student, so we went in. The loml put my mat down next to his, but I didn't want to be tempted to watch him during class so I hauled my mat off to the other side and front. And off we went.

hee-yah! about twenty planks, dogs (up & down), and chattarangas later, I was sweating and my arms hurt. The instructor was warbling on about how Vinyasa would improve strength and flexibility but I have to say this... my strength was apparently puking in the toilet about half way through class - though i did get a nice second wind about 5 minutes later (the fact that i can even call it a second wind should be some kind of hint). I have never been so happy to hear the instructor call out for pigeon pose in my life (and let me tell you, pigeon is not usually a happy place to be).. even wheel felt like some kind of god-send.

but when we finished, i felt pretty awesome. I don't know if I got the best stretch out of it, but I did enjoy myself.

November 24, 2008

cat women of mars

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so I'd like to devote today's entry to something I am grateful for. And today, its Netflix. I have to say, I've never been so happy with my movie rental service ever since the 99-cent video store disappeared from the face of america (I do miss you!) I spent a couple of years detesting Blockbuster (and with all those fees and high incident rate of asinine management, who can blame me?) and randomly patronizing Hollywood video.

and then came Netflix. I resisted the popular vote for a couple of years and then in a fit of boredom (the most motivating force in my life), I joined them. Its been at least a year now and I've never regretted giving them my dollars.

Especially today. I was looking over the recommended videos and saw Star Wars pop up. I'd already seen them, so I went ahead and rated them (5 stars for Empire, its my fave). And as many of you know, once you rate a particular type of movie, Netflix tries to hit you up with more from the same category and soon I was hip deep in Sci-Fi: Adventure. What a great category name that is! And what even more amazing movies they have! An even better, they are all rated pretty mediocre!

I love bad sci-fi and this category has movies I already watched (Buckeroo Banzai, D.A.R.Y.L, Barbarella) and tonnes of questionable movies that I can't wait to see!

I found an animated version of DragonLance (based on the Weis/Hickman books). Something out of HongKong called 'Cyber Wars' that looks kind of neat

and plenty of movies I never want to watch but am amazed to see that Netflix has, like 'petticoat planet' (do I even want to know?)

So bless you Netflix and all your movies, every crappy single last one of them!

November 28, 2008

my tofurkey was just fine

how was yours?

So yet another family/life-combat event has come and gone. Woefully, I seem to have aquired about 3 temporary pounds out of mine. Here are the highlights from mine:

1- tofurkey and stuffing are still good. This year they were especially good with extra creamy mashed potatoes (sour cream, cream cheese, & cream) and extra bread dressing.
2- children should be seen and not heard. This oldie but goodie bears some repeating though it does seem to fail once most of the kids are 25+. Yeah for wine at the kids table!
3- pets don't understand thanksgiving. Don't feed them table scraps cause while you will at least feel sort of deserving of the gastro-intestinal distress resulting from the food, your dog won't.

I admit, I'm still a bit whacked out from the familytravelingesting-vaganza. So I went to work. It's so nice and peaceful. I recommend.

November 30, 2008

the effect of too much education

I was just reading an article about population control over on boingboing, and they had a quote from Kim Stanley Robinson on birth control: "empowering women is the best climate change technology."

I didn't read the whole thing, I just skimmed, but I assume they are referring to the statistics that indicate that the more education and control over their own reproduction that women are given, the less children they have (and if you want to see a fantastic movie about this, I highly recommend idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson).

which leads me to wonder, do empowered women have less kids and more cats instead?

i'm pretty empowered, i have two degrees, and i've had three cats.. hmmm. my mom has two degrees and she had two kids and two cats. hmmm. my sister has no degrees, zero kids, and one cat. What does it all mean?? that my mother's children could attain the same number of degrees or less? the same number of children or less? or perhaps, the terrifying possibility, that years of spaying and neutering have allowed our cats to position themselves for a takeover?

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