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I'm trusting you, ma'am

so today, I called my local library up. They had e-mailed me a late notice for a book I had borrowed, a woman's guide to running. but the thing is, i had returned the book at least a week ago.

so i called them up and explained the situation. at which point the library worker said,
"Ma'am. are you sure you returned the book. Or do you want to take a week and look through your home for it?"

and i was a little stung by this. I mean, what is the truth? really?? i know what I think about things, but do any of us really know reality? so, fine then. I was ready to commit. and I said, "ok then, Yes. Yes, I am sure I returned that book last week. so now what do we do?"

and he said, "ok ma'am. I am trusting you."

and I didn't really have a response. so i waited. and when he spoke again, he said he had cleared the book from my record. So I thanked him and hung up.

I think it was one of the weirder conversations I've had with a stranger. The public library runs largely on good will and is subject to any sort of odd abuse. I'll bet a lot more interesting stuff goes on their than we think.


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